The Hot Dog Stand Parable

An Adventure Stories Parable

There once was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs from his hot dog stand. In fact, he sold very good hot dogs. He put up highway signs telling people how good his hot dogs tasted. He stood by the side of the road and called out, “Buy a hot dog, mister?” And people bought his hot dogs.

The Simple Adventure of Eating a Good Hot Dog

They bought so many hot dogs, the man increased his meat and bun orders. He even moved into a larger premises. He bought a bigger stove so he could meet his customers’ demands. And finally, he brought his son home from college to help out in the family business.

But something happened. His son said: “Father, do you not watch television, or learn anything from the newspapers? Do you not know we are heading for a recession? The European situation is unstable, and the domestic economy is getting worse.”
And the father thought: “My son is a smart boy. He has been to college. He ought to know what he is talking about.”

Time to Close the Hot Dog Stand without Learning a Thing

So the man cut down his meat and bun orders, took down his highway signs, and moved out of the larger premises.

His sales fell almost overnight. “You are right son,” said the father. “We certainly are in a serious recession.”

With Love and Laughter,
the Adventure Learning Hot Dogs

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A question to ponder:
How many times have you been the store owner, taking the advice of those whom you THINK are more intelligent that you? Now, more importantly, how many times have you been the KNOW IT ALL who has sabotaged other peoples success? Observe the part of yourself that wants to be acknowledged for knowing it all.

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