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History of Meditation

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The Awakening of the Mind

Mindfulness Meditation

The history of meditation turned a new page, away from the obsession with the physical. This new focus has its roots in Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Near East and the Americas. It is a natural process of entropy.

This was the beginning of mind over matter and mindfulness meditation. In its lowest form it manifested as the development of the intellect. And for those of us in the modern world that is the primary focus at all educational institutions.

This is why the renaissance was of such importance in the Western history of meditation. From the renaissance onwards we were taught, both at school and university, to meditate on an intellectual problem or question. Then to answer that question through lower logic and the lower aspects of the imagination, more commonly known as the intellect.

On the other hand, in the Far East, another important stage in the history of meditation was being pursued. In Asia and India the focus was more specifically spiritual meditation.

The History of Spiritual Meditation

There is a universal law, the law of the pendulum swing: The past focus of meditation was physical form and so the swing would eventually draw us back to the spiritual. And the Eastern philosophy and theology were amongst the first to implement this. Also, certain sects in the West and the Middle East took-up this guantlet. Resulting in the multitude of monasteries that sprung up in the medieval era.

The development at this time was the focus of spiritual attainment: Spiritual meditation for overcoming the physical obsessions and emotional urges of the Maya and astral planes. However, for many giving up their worldly possession has resulted in physical poverty. And so defeating the purpose of becoming self-actualised. Instead of giving up the realness of the physical, many have made the mistake of giving up the physical completely. Perhaps this is one of the meanings of the statement by Jesus:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

The 1960’s and the Re-birth of Cool

The Communion of Meditation Techniques

And so, with mass communication and the advent of easy travel, East and West finally met each other head-on in the 1960’s. The Eastern Mystic and the Western Intellectual suddenly realised that the other had a piece of the puzzle that they needed. The 1960’s were a pivotal meeting of the worlds of East and West in the history of meditation.

Western thinking had become very rigid. Permission was given through consciousness to raise the spiritual consciousness of the west. This was done through the release of LSD. Unfortunately, many burnt the house trying to keep warm. Nevertheless it raised the general consciousness and prepared the way for the Now Age. And so we saw the marriage of two paradigms and the clarifying of the goal of returning Earth to Heaven. It was the beginning of a communion of meditation techniques and paradigms.

From that point onwards there was an integration, and we are not talking about the New Age movement. We are talking of an integrating of information and knowledge that was kept hidden by the Mystery orders of both East and West. A spark of clarity was released into the world in the 60's. In the ensuing flood of consciousness, the focus of meditation became the marrying of pure mind and spiritual communion, the integration of aspects of higher consciousness.

Trusting Intuition

A New Era in the History of Meditation

The blending of soul and mind became the clearly defined focus. Through this, pure mind is accessed and integrated by the self-disciplined process of meditation. Thus the Intuition... And if you think, intellectually, you know what intuition is then I really suggest you

The history of meditation will officially be entering into a new era over the next few years. Final chapters of the evolution of pure mind and spirituality are currently being written. Many are already stretching beyond this and tapping into the next phase: The full awakening of the pure egoic intellectual and the chattering monkey are stilled by the presence of pure mind. From here it becomes possible to tap into the divine consciousness within.

When this state is reached, the lower ramblings of emotional turmoil and egoic mental activity are quieted. Then it is made possible for the quiet of the true intuition through pure mind and soul to enter into the integrated human being. An amazing self-awakening happens: Every moment of every day becomes a meditation.

Why? Because trusting intuition is so simple our minds make it difficult. I am only glimpsing at intuition and I have practiced meditation for 17 years. And really the only way you will find it is if you...

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