The Ancient History of Meditation

Where, What and How...?

The history of meditation and its benefits are deeply entrenched in the human psyche. You need only look inside yourself to see that history. You need only to...

Take a moment to let your mind wonder and roll around what is said and see if it is more than just information for you. Information experienced by you becomes knowledge. Knowledge put into action in life becomes wisdom.

Ancient Humanity

The Beginning of Meditation

When humanity was in its early stages of development the most important function of early meditation techniques was to focus the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the psyche into physical form.

The human specie as a race was originally more focused in the emotional and spiritual planes. The physical world and its forms were strange and foreign to us. Similar to the ways in which a baby seems overwhelmed when it first arrives here, the entire race was like that. And so meditation was used as a tool to focus our attention more concretely in physical form. This is in line with the timeless metaphysical statement: "bringing heaven to earth."

It was a means of focusing the human consciousness more purposefully here on the physical plane. If that had not been the case, we would all still be lying around wrapped up in our daydreams. Not very productive for the human species and its growth.

The History of Meditation

Stages of Spiritual Growth

The practice of meditation then took on a new focus, a new development in humanity’s stages of spiritual growth and evolution. The result was that humanity became completely obsessed with the physical world.

We became, as the human specie, obsessed with the pursuits of the physical world. Anything spiritual and emotional was pushed into the background. We are not talking here of organised religion. Organised religion was one of the ways by which humanity dealt with this new conundrum.

We still suffer from the side effects of that first process in our evolution. This manifests itself in the obsession with materiality. Anything magical, spiritual or emotional was, and for some still is, rejected, excommunicated or crucified as heresy, evil, wrong, mad or silly. But the history of meditation turned a new page to overcome this folly…

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History of Meditation Part 2

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