Harry Gamble
Esoteric Teacher, Healer and Hypnotherapist

An Adventure Learning Service Master
in Magnetic Healing

Harry Gamble is an adventurer, cosmic comedian, healer and teacher. Harry began his career in mystical experimentation at an early age when he was faced with the trauma of Methodist Sunday Schooling and an Anglican Boys-Only Private Education. After numerous attempts at making sense of what he was told God expected of him, Harry gave up on being a good little boy. It really seemed far more fun to climb trees, watch Thundercats, play with matches and ride his BMX in the rain.

He did take an interest in art and mathematics, these seemed fun pursuits for an agnostic, which pleased his scientific father no end. But, after the tragic death of Harry’s mother, Harry began to look beyond mathematics and art, even these seemed like flim-flam distractions from something that could not be answered with words, pictures or symbols. In his early teens, whilst holding done major sporting commitments, trying to learn about girls, attempting to overcome school politics and getting an education, Harry discovered the works of Herman Hesse and Carlos Castaneda. Harry found these books inspiring and magical, but also a little bit frustrating. His frustrations stemmed from the fact that there was really no one around who could assist him to do the things these books described.

But, finally, after attaining the liberties granted a young adult, Harry was able to go in search of someone who could give him proper instruction in the pursuit of true knowledge. Through Patrick Desplace, founder of WDHR, Harry received the training that he desired, things began to make sense and then very rapidly they completely stopped making sense in a logical way, which was disconcerting, but satisfactory for Harry. Harry also joined a number of mystical orders including AMORC and took training in Hermetics, Zen and Kabbala.

With a razor sharp knack for humour and an incorrigible sense of irreverence Harry is committed to cultivating freedom, freedom for the Self of all of human beings. Harry is still closely affiliate with WDHR and is a founding member of AHSES along with his friend and fellow honourable rogue, Louis Franco. With his wonderful life partner and wife, Melissa, he assists with Tropic of Freedom Books, though Melissa is definitely the Chief Librarian.

Harry is trained in the arts of Western and Eastern Metaphysical Healing, Hypnosis, Shamanism, Celtic and Eastern European Druidic Magick and modern meta-psychology. Harry is a master at creating the space for you to safely and gently remove the blockages and encapsulations that you have placed within your psyche, allowing you to find freedom, love, life, caring, respect and adventure. Harry has no affiliations, his only affiliation is to freedom and laughter.

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Harry often presents free material on this site, so keep your eyes out for free webinars, books and videos. Here is to living in the time beyond time.

Simply Love,

Harry Gamble Hon. R

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Harry Gamble – Esoteric Healer and Teacher

WDHR Dip.(Esoteric Healing); WDHR Dip.(Esoteric Ed.); Founding Member of AHSES; Rev. (Universal Life Church); B.Hon (Theatre & Classical History); and M. BOTC

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Please note that if you fill out the booking form online you will receive a 10% discount on your first session with Harry. On completion of the form please contact Harry by phone to make a time for you consultation. If you choose to contact Harry directly please note that you will not be able to take advantage of the service master discount available by booking online.

Your usual investment: ZAR 750 or $50
If you book online: ZAR 675 or $45
If you are not in the same country as Harry, you may wish to have an online healing via Skype, the charge will be US$100.00

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