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Welcome to Guitar Practice Tips, an Adventure Learning Initiative in mentoring and instructing apprentice artists. We hope you enjoy this worthwhile initiative in the simple life of guitar and music.

The following guitar playing practice tips have proved invaluable in my own growth as a musician. Now, I pay them forward to you and only hope that you find the same, if not more, pleasure and satisfaction in using them when playing your guitar. I am thrilled to be able to share my passion of guitar with all who find this information in the Adventure Learning Creative Project Ideas.

Guitar Practice

It’s the Journey that Counts

If you’re like me, then your practice sessions are one of the best times of the day! It gives you a chance to practice your guitar playing techniques, expand your creative borders and feel good about yourself when you see results, yes?

Six Strings Synergy – The Process of Guitar Alchemy is all about breaking down your creative borders and tapping your passion. My passion is learning how to play a guitar, playing it like there’s no tomorrow and then sharing that passion with you!

This page is dedicated to a few simple guitar practice tips and secrets that will give you more out of your practice sessions. Most are simple and often overlooked, there is more at work behind the scenes with these guitar playing techniques.

14 Steps to Guitar Practice Pleasure

Set Goals

Set yourself some personal guitar goals, like time dedicated to playing, playing like your role models or learning 2 new songs a week. These goals will keep you motivated during the tougher times of your growth as a musician.

Benefit from Short Sessions

You’ll benefit more from several short practices, rather than one long session per week. This also sets a track record of commitment, something required to shift your attitude from learning how to play a guitar, to being a guitar player.

Learning and Improving

Divide you practice time between learning new material, practicing your guitar playing techniques, and then wind down improving on what you already know.

Quality Time

Set aside quality time for your when practicing your guitar.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Be sure to focus on your guitar playing techniques – practice makes perfect, but it also makes permanent.

Slow is Steady, Steady is Fast

Slow and correct is better than fast and sloppy! Whenever I get stuck I play what I'm learning slowly. After I can do it slowly, I know it for sure.

Rhythm and Timing

Rhythm is a key element in music. Focus on your feel and your timing. A good idea is use a metronome during your guitar practice sessions. Like the rhythm of life, it’s better to be in time than out of time.

Jamming with your Mates

Find others that you can play with. This will help develop all of the points mention above already. Especially look for those that are more skillful than your current level of playing.

Find a Mentor

Never underestimate the value of a good teacher or Mentor. Surround yourself with musicians and mentors who are more advanced than you and before you can say “Fender Stratocaster”, you’ll be improving your playing.

Develop your ear

Learning to play guitar by ear will expand your creative borders and the scope of what you can and cannot play.

Look to the Horizon

Expand your creative borders by listening to different styles of music. Pick up on different guitar playing techniques while listening and see if you can implement it during you guitar practice sessions.

Keep an open mind

I have sometimes made the mistake of listening to other peoples opinions about music. When I actually went and explored this music, I found some of the most amazing sources of inspiration.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! It’s hard not to when learning how to play a guitar, would you not agree!?


Foster a positive attitude about your playing and watch how it filters down into every aspect of your life!

I have always implemented these guitar practice tips during and in between my practice sessions. Learning how to play a guitar can be tough in the beginning, but then again, what worthwhile pursuit is not? Developing your attitude along with your guitar playing techniques is a big key in being a successful musician. It’s the journey that counts and not the destination…

Musically Yours,
Andrew Pittendrigh in association with
The Adventure learning Muso Mentors

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