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Mentors, Teachers and Artists

The What If Fundation is a global fund for mentors, teachers and artists who have dared to share at Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Bestowing gifts on those who deserve it is one of the most fulfilling acts a human being can perform. When someone is doing something to change the world into a more beautiful and freer place, it is a wonderful act of appreciation to ensure that they are able to continue doing what they are doing. The What If Fundation is a pay it forward initiative for mentors, teachers and artists. We have had many creative fundraising ideas that are best summed up in the following statement:

‘Imagine a world where money was given to people who give us
the biggest gifts: teachers, artists, nurses, firemen, writers, mothers.
People who connect us not disconnect or distract us.
Imagine that world and we can have it.’

Neil Donald Walsh from the Movie ‘Conversations with God’

The What If Fundation is the best of those creative fundraising ideas, because WIF is focused on empowering those who are making a difference. All donations that pass through our What If Fundation global fund are given to people who have dared to make a difference by sharing their experiences, knowledge and art. We have set up this fund to ensure that these people, the people who inspire hope, are able to continue doing so.

The What If Fundation

A Global Fund for Teacher Appreciation

The world is now beyond the information age. We have entered the age of service and appreciation. Those who have contributed to Adventure Learning have done so because of their desire to serve their world. Not in the sense of serving under duress, but out of a sense of love and joy. Our fund has been set up as a focused form of mentor, artist and teacher appreciation gifts for that service. We would rather assist those doing something about change as opposed to carry those who are hindering change.

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In the book ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ tithing is shown to be one of the keys to incredible wealth. But Mr. Clason makes it clear in the book that tithing in this context does not necessarily mean giving to a particular institution or organisation under duress. Tithing in this case is the willing sharing of wealth with something or someone that you feel is worth giving to.

So if you are in a position to share your wealth and understand this key to incredible abundance in all avenues of life, then we invite you to make a donation.

Adventure Learning’s Commitment

The What If Fundation

Adventure Learning Initiatives' commitment is based very strongly on this principle. 10% of all profits from our various Adventure Learning Initiatives go into our WIF global fund for mentors, teachers and artists who have dared to share. It is our way of saying we appreciate their courage and desire to create a world of freedom, love, adventure quest and a life worth living. Our vision is to set up venture capital funds for these inspiring individuals. But this is venture capital with a difference: Our return on investment is the inspiration and hope that these people are spreading in the world.

If you are interested in making a donation follow this link for more details…

Or, if you are the spontaneous type then you are welcome to make a donation here

We look forward to working with you creating a life worth living.

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