Garden Plans of Water,
Earth and Fire

Living the Simple Life

Welcome to Garden Plans involving the Elements, step four in designing your own Mystical Garden. We hope you enjoy these creative project ideas in living the simple life of garden design ideas and planning. When beginning your Mystical Garden you can bring Mythical concepts into your garden plans.

Water Gardens

Garden Plans Water Features

Bring Water in as an important symbol in your garden. I would use water as a mirror to reflect the nature around and indeed within you.

Look at simple outdoor garden water fountains or features that don’t necessarily have to have running water. You can use a water feature pump that emits a pulse every few seconds and this simply allows a gentle ripple of water to dance across the surface, symbolizing the pulse of life in and around you.

Alternatively you can use running water, but it should be soft and gentle water. I would definitely recommend that you have water in your mediation garden – it’s after all an element connecting us to our humility aspect within ourselves. Some ideas for water features include your basic pot water features, or the more customized water features, where I would suggest you may need to see outside expertise to assist in building. If you wish to build a water garden, look at getting some expert advice first.

Quest for Fire

Garden Plans Element of Fire

Fire is a wonderful element to use. Humanity has the quest for fire etched into its psyche. A simple paraffin lamp on a stand can be used around your meditation space. It allows one to connect with ones own vulnerability and it illuminates the darkness around you when you are in your private space at night.

You could have an area with a small basin in which you light a fire to transmute your energies you wish to transmute. It does not need to be a large built in basin but can be a simple stone or metal bowl sunk into the earth – in the centre of your circle or space you have created.

Live Earth

Garden Plans Live Earth

One of the most impressive symbols used by pagans of old time was the menhir – Stonehenge comes to mind, and although you may wish to avoid really scaring your guests with a full blown replica of Stonehenge, you could simply use vertically placed slate rock, in your garden, etching ancient ruins or even creating your own ruins to signify aspects of yourself. These would be placed in between your plants to create this feeling of ancientness, that which is an aspect of our immortality. Our live Earth symbolizes the honesty to ourselves as well as the realness we give things.

Fairy Garden Plans

Fairy gardens are ideal in these settings. The space will attract the Faeries who will definitely come and play and be amused. Fairy gardens are a wonderful place for children.

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