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Welcome to the Garden Plan for Hardscapes. In step eight, we look at more practical DIY tips for gardening in completing your Mystical Garden. We hope you are enjoying the beauty and mystery of your new garden as you live the simple life.

The Garden Plan for Hardscapes includes the non-green elements of your garden, such as outdoor garden water fountains and features, paving, retaining walls, pools, cladding, crush and pebbles.

Outdoor Garden
Water Fountains and Features

  • The Point of Water Features
    The outdoor garden water features act as focal points, leading one’s eye into the garden. They create calming background sound, and help drown out the noise of traffic, neighbours and barking dogs.

  • Water Features for Everyones Pocket
    Custom water features such as wet walls, letterbox troughs, custom spouts, glass and steel water walls are spectacular, but expensive. Pick up non-custom water features such as water pots at your local nursery, and you can install them yourself.

  • Best Locations
    Don’t put water features too close to entertainment areas – it can sound like a running tap! In closed areas, the sound of water is too loud, which is distracting rather than claming. Combine water features with natural stone, slate or quartz – the textures and colours look great with water.

  • Child Proof your Water Feature
    Outdoor garden water fountains and features must be child-proofed. Pots are the best kind of water feature if you have kids.

DIY Tips for Gardening and Paving etc.

garden plan - retaining walls

  • Avoid Paving Clashes
    Choose paving so that it matches or ties in with the colours in your house – Use ONE type of paving bed. If you use variations for interest, it must all be of the same colour or it will clash.

  • Quality is Better
    Spend money on paving: you pay for what you get.

  • Cladding
    Cladding looks like natural rock, and is excellent for water features and retaining walls.

  • Decks
    Decks soften the design, and make it possible to add interest by using different levels. Decks are great for seating and entertainment areas and around pools

  • Where to use Crush or Pebbles
    Use crush or pebbles as a substitute for lawn in small low activity areas in your layout. Don’t put it in high activity areas or in areas you have to drag the lawn mower across – the wheels will plough it all up.

  • Good Foundations
    Use BIDDUM underneath crush and pebbles to prevent weeds from growing through – It allows water to drain away. Put a layer of crush 5cm thick.

  • Healthy Boundaries
    Use 100x100mm cobblestones for edging to add structure and prevent the beds from immigrating into the lawn area.

Go Forth with your Garden Plans...

Enjoy designing your Garden Plan for Hardscapes. Every step in the process of preparing and planting a Mystical Garden is worth it! By now you have gained some experience. If you feel you have something of value to share with other gardeners you may choose to pay it forward. These steps have been contributed by an Adventure Learning simple life mentor. If you have some unique ideas to contribute and share, join the Simple Life Mentor Network.

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