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Garden Dream Symbols

Welcome to Garden Dream Symbols, the third step in designing your Mystical Garden. We hope you enjoy this surreal endeavour into the simple life of gardening and dreams. Garden dream symbols and mythology symbols are a powerful way to influence your planning of gardens.

I would suggest you find a place of quiet and solitude away from any energies other than your own. You may want to bring the elements into your room where you are designing. A candle, a bowl of water, a piece of earth or rock that has chosen you and the air (which you breathe) would suffice, and assist your consciousness to connect with the elements.

Garden Plans

Now you begin your garden design ideas and garden planning of how you would like things to be. The use of symbolism on designing gardens is very powerful. Symbolism allows your unconsciousness to connect with your consciousness without barriers, on another level.

Design with Circles

Mythology Symbols

Symbols of Freedom

To give you an idea, one of the symbols to use is the circle. In “Man and his Symbols” by Carl Jung, the Circle is a Mythology symbol of the Self and the full Circle of Life. “It expresses the totality of the Psyche in all aspects”. It is unpretentious and simple, and can be used in your design very effectively. Use it to break the square-ness of an area – the square being a symbol of reality, where everything is calculated and exact. It can also simplify those really difficult corners of your garden, a perfect place for outdoor garden water fountains or water features.

Circle of Life

Paradoxically it will create a feeling of more space by planting around this circle – for example a forest, or you can be more specific, you could plant twelve trees around the circle if you have the space to reflect the astrology and your interconnectedness with the universe. If your space is smaller, use fewer trees but bring in shrubs and smaller plants to make up the twelve signs of the Zodiac. It’s your flower garden designs!

dream symbols - Circles Before and After

Mystical Garden Plans

Another consideration is to use the pentacle within the circle – Garden plans should incorporate a sense of purpose as subtly as possible. So I do suggest that some friends and family may be uncomfortable with seeing a full blown pentacle in your garden. You may wish to make the extraordinary appear ordinary or rather, the ordinary be extraordinary without showing off by creating a softened version of the pentacle.

I will explain by way of example. A pentacle may be presented in your circle by softening the points so it appears as a flower – five petals for Accountability, Humility, Vulnerability, Honesty to thyself and the Akasha, symbols of the five points of the pentacle. This can be achieved by placing flat stepping stones or cobbles into a bed of crush within this circle charging it as you wish. As you design this you may wish to start charging it with this as you reflect on all these aspects of your being and their connection to the Akasha.

Garden Dream Symbols

Your mystical garden plans should have a place for quiet contemplation and dreaming. Garden dream symbols will assist you. Choose symbols that resonate with the Dreamer within you. Find an area that is private. Any meditation or ritual may be performed in this area without external influences. Those unused parts of your garden now have a use!

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