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Garden Design Ideas

Welcome to Garden Design Ideas, the second step in designing your Mystical Garden. We hope you enjoy this horticultural adventure into the simple life of gardening and getting your hands dirty.

When looking at your initial Garden Design Ideas you should begin by mapping the existing layout. Look at your gardening zone map. Where are the house walls and the perimeter walls, in relation to each other? Take note of your ground levels, can they be improved? Where are the sewerage pipes so that you avoid these? Where are your areas of focus to create more impact in your garden? For example your entrance is important as it sets the resonance for the visitors. Where are the potential quiet areas, a place for you to meditate and reflect?

Your Gardening Zone Map

Feel your Way around Your Garden Plans

Already you should start feeling your way around the garden and allowing your first impressions of what you would like to create flow into your conscious. Aspects to consider for this online garden design are things such as what lays beyond your existing perimeter walls. How can you bring in the surrounding landscape that lies beyond your current boundary, into your own garden?

So many people limit themselves to what they see immediately in front of them – there is so much happening on the other side, it would be a pity to exclude these in planning the moody garden. For example, you can take a few trees on the other side of your boundary wall and add a few on the inside – you have a forest now and you have now linked what lies beyond with what lies within.

Garden Design Ideas

Use Your Garden Plans to Create Freedom

garden design ideas - tranquil gardens

Conversely, if you have a monstrosity of someone’s ego (their house) on the other side of the wall, you will need to consider “softening” this with additional planting inside your perimeter. Don’t try and create a screen otherwise you will imprison yourself with a screen of foliage and get that feeling of being trapped by shutting everything out.

Garden Plans are there to create freedom, not imprisonment within your own walls. By the time you are ready to create your grand garden plan, you should have a blank sheet of paper with your existing parameters (the house and boundary walls) as you see them and now you will be challenged to work with these.

Online Garden Design

Parameters and Layout

Anything is now possible. Look beyond these parameters and see how you can get them to work for you. They will not be parameters any longer but amazing gifts to your design.

The next stage of this online garden design begins with designing the layout and new pattern of your garden using this blank sheet of paper. So many designs are based on what other people do, to keep it safe and being part of what is the in thing!

I would like to suggest the newer you are to gardening the more original your ideas are so be daring and use them. You could even create a Totem Pole in your design that adds to the mysticism

Garden Design Ideas

Sparked by Your Imagination

Try and break this pattern – Be courageous but be simple and uncomplicated. Your imagination may initially outstretch your capability but if you allow contact with your inner self your garden design ideas may reflect your imagination!

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