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Welcome to Fairy Gardens, step five in designing your own Mystical Garden. We hope you enjoy this imaginative fantasy into the simple life of gardening and magick. Fairy gardens are a wonderful way to bring children into the garden. Remember to hug a tree, it might hug back.

Planting a garden is a vital part of the design for it is another level of consciousness that exists on this plane. This is where I would like to suggest you use some flower garden ideas, the colour of the plants, or in their foliage (their leaf variegation) to reflect the colours of the Chakras. Just make sure you are being kind to your plants by using plants that tolerate shade in shade areas and plants that tolerate sun in sunny areas.

Flower Garden Ideas:

Chakra Colours and Flowers

  • Base Root Chakra (Security and Stability) – Red – Camellias (Shade), Day Lilies (Sun/ Semi Shade), Hibiscus (Sun)

  • Sacral Chakra (Inspiration and sexuality) – Orange – Clivias (Shade), Day lilies (Sun/ Semi Shade), Strelitzia (Shade or sun)

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Power, Will and self esteem) – Yellow – Acorus ornamental grass (Sun/ Shade), Duranta Sheenas gold (Sun)

  • Heart Chakra (Love and Abundance) – Green – Just about all plants

  • Throat Chakra (Communication and creativity) – Blue – Agapanthus (Shade/ Sun)

  • Third eye Chakra (intuition and inner guidance) – Purple Lavender (Sun), Primulas (Shade)

  • Crown Chakra (Union of spirit and guidance) – Violet – Primroses (shade) and Pansies (semi shade), Petunias (Sun)

Elemental Spirits

Fairy Wings

Whilst creating these elements in your garden charge the garden with all the love you have. “I’m sorry I love you” mantra can be used as you create this on paper or you can simply reflect on your own aspects of God as you design and create. You will feel this energy resonate when you sit in your circle of awareness.

The space will attract the Faeries who will definitely come and play and be amused. Fairy gardens are a wonderful place for children. Many elemental spirits, the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines will be welcomed into your garden. With these energies you can use your magick to create other elementals that will assist you. You may even wish to heal yourself or others in this space. It will become a place of connection with the earth and universe when you celebrate the solstices and equinoxes as you renew yourself on each occasion through symbolic death and rebirth.

A word of caution – Mother Nature is ruthless. You will want everything to be perfect in your garden but she has no rules. My best guess is, that Her rules are not our rules, but that’s another story.

As much as we try and control Mother Nature, she will teach us that no matter how much we plan our garden we will be tested and things will not go according to plan. Plants may die and move on, water features may leak or hail may come, fires may go out and the wind may take every leaf off the plants you so dearly planted.

Fairy Gardens

Gardening by the Moon?

Fairy House

Just learn and enjoy. The garden is a place to celebrate, it’s your creation, but as much as its part of you, you are part of it… You should now be inspired to create anything from Gardening by the Moon to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

If you listen quietly in you fairy garden you may hear them laughing. You may even assist this process as you raise levels of consciousness by incorporating Magick into your garden.

Only Love
The Adventure Learning Fairies

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