Every Breath You Take

An Actor’s Adventure in
Meditation and Breathing

Meditation and breathing

Every breath you take is a powerful physical process that initiates your creativity and expression.

When I began my training as an actor over 15 years ago I quickly learnt the importance of breath. I realised how sloppy my breathing patterns were. My shallow breathing greatly hindered my ability to express myself and subsequently stilted my performances on stage and camera.

Fortunately a major part of my voice training focused on correct breathing and what’s more I was learning meditation at the time. Here is a glimpse of the positive benefits you can achieve. My pay-it-forward gift to you is a rapid overview of the basic aspects of correct breathing.

Initiating Breathing Relaxation Techniques

Breathing relaxation techniques are as simple as being a child. All children and so called uncivilised people actually know how to tap into breathing for relaxation techniques. Because children have not been socialised into bad posture and high stress levels, they are always breathing naturally and easily. Thus they are always relaxed.

By naturally and easily I am talking of the three-part-breath. The great thing about being human though, is that you are able to tap into this positive old habit with a little practice. And so every breath you take becomes a soothing balm that relaxes and energises you.

Adventure into Deep Breathing Exercises

There are numerous methods and systems for the initiation of deep breathing, exercises that assist the practitioner to tap into the power of breath. Whether it is yoga or a new sports enhancement exercise the goal is the same: tapping into better mental, emotional and physical performance.

The key to the power of breath is chi or prana or universal energy. It is this unseen energy that has such a positive impact on the body and is what makes practicing deep breathing exercises so worthwhile.

Diaphragm Breathing

The depth of every breath you take is directly proportionate to the elasticity of your diaphragm. If your diaphragm is always tense and wound up in knots it is very difficult to get a full breath of air. There are many factors that influence the diaphragm, ranging through the physical, mental and emotional.

One of the benefits of practicing meditation is tapping into conscious, deep diaphragm breathing. This allows you to relax the diaphragm and to breath at optimum. Thus you turn every breath into a glorious creative and meditative experience. Start receiving every breathe you take with an attitude of gratitude. Now that is taking the initiative!

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