Every Breath You Take

Initiating Oceans of Energy in Your Life

Every breath you take

Every breath you take is charged to overflowing with life. And I am not just saying that because it is full of oxygen. The air around us is full of potential energy. And this energy can never be destroyed and it can never run out.

We live in a sea of energy and when we breathe in, we are drawing that energy into our lungs. Quite literally you are breathing in oceans of energy that then permeate your entire being. Thus ensuring that your organs and physical processes function at optimum. What’s more, every breath you take charges your thoughts and your mind.

When you breathe consciously and deeply you are consciously charging your mind with life force and clarity. The fuel behind those thoughts is the energy contained in your breath. So if your breathing is shallow and your thoughts are stuck on negative then it is likely that you are not exactly living the life of your dreams. However, if you are able to learn conscious deep and powerful breathing and you can focus your mind on positive thoughts, then you will be amazed at how impossible dreams become possible.

Meditation and Breathing

This Adventure Learning Initiative is about showing you the amazing power of breath and meditation. Breathing is one of your most powerful creative tools and allies. Wouldn’t you agree that learning how to turn every breath you take into a powerful creative tool is a lesson worth learning? That is the pay it forward teacher’s gift on this page. Pointing your awareness towards the power of your breath.

There are many breathing methods and stress relief techniques available and they are all associated with some form of meditative activity. Coincidence…? No. Meditation and breathing are inseparable for the specific reason that breathing is the rhythmic bringer of life…

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