Esoteric Healing

Advanced Healing Course
for Beginners and Practitioners

Advanced Esoteric Healing

Become an impeccable channel of the universal energy of the cosmic as you go through a process of basic and advanced training in psychic, magnetic and spiritual healing techniques


We are all natural healers and we are to re-discover this forgotten truth. This comprehensive program is an opportunity to tap into your natural healing abilities to unlock and release trapped energies which appear as disease and disharmony in the body. Through opening circuits for telepathy and empathy, and working with the energy flows of the astral and etheric meridians in the body you develop the ability to know the causes behind the symptom of an ailment. By unravelling the emotional, mental and spiritual causes behind symptoms, you as healer, give yourself, your patient, and the rest of humanity, through consciousness, the opportunity for permanent growth.

On completion of Esoteric Healing

you will be issued with a

Healing Diploma by WISES

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Private Healing Consultations and Encounters

Learn the emotional, mental and spiritual causes behind dis-ease and re-discover Happiness and Well-Being. Louis guides you through your own individual healing experience. The techniqueless techniques taught in our healing seminars have their origins in the Tibetan Llama teachings, the Egyptian Mystery schools, the Russian and Celtic Shamanic traditions, the Ho-opono system and WISES Esoteric Healing methods.

Experience diverse techniques to assist in releasing energy blocks, as well as balancing and realigning the body to its natural state. Become aware of limiting decisions you have made or you have allowed others to make for you through your indecisions. Through the healing process, you are presented with options and are given the support on whatever level you are willing to receive and accept it, to revise that which has limited you from living the life you deeply desire. You will be able to make choices that can change your life significantly and in a purposeful manner. It is recommended that you allow a little time in solitude after the session in order for the full impact of the healing to take place.

If you feel you are not ready for a Healing session then an Encounter session is recommended: A simple conversation about your life involving the techniqueless technique with the consequence that you will never be the same again.

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