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Enchanted Learning

All human beings are on the path of enchanted learning, the path of magic and mystery. We are all called to embrace, grow and learn from the miraculous experience that is the game of life.

Your Ancient Voice Hearing
Your Inner Hocus Pocus

Deep within every human being there is a quiet, but powerful voice that whispers of magic and freedom. Every moment of every day this voice prompts us to learn, find and know our own inner magic, our inner hocus pocus.

It is this voice that initiates a peculiar restlessness. This restlessness, if channelled positively, manifests itself in a romance with adventure and an adventure quest with romance, a desire to find something more. What that more is we cannot tell. We just know that it has to be acted upon.

Looking Without to a World Adventure

The restlessness that this whisper initiates points us out into a world of adventures. We look to elders, institutions, society, lovers, friends and family to help us. But what most people around you won’t admit is: They too are searching.

Eventually we realise that the world and people around us can only give us signposts. They cannot give us the answers. The answers we have always been looking for wait deep within us. It is only when you begin to listen to that powerful quiet voice within that you become a finder.

Enchanted Learning - Finders Keepers

Enchanted learning is a set of signposts, markers left along the way. Every teacher, master, guru etc. ad infinitum est has begun as a seeker. Many would prefer not to acknowledge this, but then that is why they cling to their titles. A true descended master acknowledges that he or she is always in the learning channel, always growing and stretching.

The concepts, stories and lessons on this site are as old as the first fully-conscious human being. This magical teaching and learning library is our gift to you. Dare to become a finder and dare to listen to the song of your heart, that ancient whisper that says: Know Thy Self. Allow these signposts to prompt you. As you journey inward, so the desire, the romance with adventure and the resources will be made available for you to journey outward on a world adventure quest. Here the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

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The Adventure Whisper Finders

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