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Adventure Web Site Builders Confess

We searched high and low to find an easy web site builder. We know the process of seeking for and interviewing web site builders. In the end we decided to just put on our web hard hats and became DIY web site builders with SBI. If we can do it, and we have, then believe us when we say, you too can be a DIY site builder with Site Build It.

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Interviewing Web Site Builders

First we went through the learning curve of approaching web designers and programmers. The end result was four months of interviews and over-priced quotes. Hired web site builders generally don’t come cheap.

What’s more most trendy site builder experts prefer to keep their cards close to their chests. They also tend to be very good as web site builders, but not very knowledgeable when it comes to keyword mastery or key web site traffic builder techniques. Before choosing to hire someone always check if they can deliver the following services...

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