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Dream Symbols I discovered as I am Dreaming the Self awake… Over the last few months things have really been hotting up in my reality. My biggest fears have been staring me in the face and it has been really quite awesome to see how my ego and spirit have reacted, not necessarily in a way one would expect from a metaphysician. In fact I could probably write a page or two on what one should not do….

However I have had something with me throughout the road I have been on up to where I am now. The “I” which I so often ignore and replace with “My” has been gently sitting there watching my reaction to the reality I have found myself to be in… and I think it finds me very funny. Whilst my ego has been screaming, kicking, justifying, logicalising and threatening, the “I” communicates with me through the dream symbols in lucid dreams I have been having.

Dream of Me

Dream Symbols

It was only three days ago that I was in this dream sequence where I was watching myself on TV and finding this absolutely hysterical because I was trying to be so clever and correct on the TV programme I was in (I think I was a news reporter!?) but I looked a complete asshole. I was laughing so much to see this buffoon on the TV set filled with self importance that I called Wilma (my wife) in the dream world, and told her to come and look at me and how I behaved. There were some other fellow Metaphysicians who joined in although they shall stay nameless and we all had a great laugh together.

So “I” laughed at my Ego, something I “knew” I should do in my waking hours but just did not manage to getting around to it due to very logical and rational reasons! Only in my dreams could I really experience this true laughter which I have experienced once before and it has been a while. Funny enough that day my car blew its radiator pipe and steam was pouring out the engine. I guess I needed to blow off some steam and the dream gave me this grace – much anger has dissipated since but only after I had to have a chuckle during the day as I reflected on the dream meaning and the dream symbols.

Night School

A Dream Interpretation

Night School has also been very busy, possibly for all of us. My dreams have been including Metaphysicians from all parts of the world. There are people I know so well in these dreams but when I am awake I feel I still know them but it does become vague. On one of these night school courses, about a month ago, we were on course and we were about to stop for the day and this person whom I knew in the dream said so clearly “I have a task for you today. Spend at least one minute reflecting on where the easiest place is to hide and the hardest place is to hide”.

I woke up with this voice literally in my ears only to find that that was a dream as well and I had a dream within my dream – When I did finally wake up I was very emotional. In the car on the way to work I started to ponder this. It did hit me later in the day as my answer was initially the easiest is to hide within my inner self …..but its not true for me, since in the beginning stages it is easy to hide all my inspirations, aspirations, fears, hopes etc inside me but eventually like the car radiator pipe it has to explode and this has recently happened in many different ways - so in fact I have found the hardest place to hide and I really don’t want to hide any more. But my ego is not too happy with me trying to master the meaning of life – It does make a great servant but is a very ugly master.

Dream Symbols

A Dream Analysis

So the Ego and I are in a duel right now, and as I chop the head off one monster another three pop up. The dream bridge the “I” with “my”, and I find on some days I am more awake and alive thanks to prophetic dreams I had. I think of night as another exciting day in a different dimension ……. I am dreaming the self awake! See you all in my dreams. Love Col

Thanks Col
Simply Love
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