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Dream a Little
Dream Journeys of the Heart

Many companions on the journey have discovered the meaning of dreams by coming on a Planet Quest learning adventures in the last ten years.

Group of Companions on the Journey

Dream a little Dream
Requiem for a Dream

Our dreams were very simple when we were young - Because as children our Cups were big enough to contain them. We believed that dreams can come true.

What if Dreams Can Come True

In our early years we have a social anxiety story. During our social conditioning and programming we are taught to tow the line and one day you will achieve your hopes and aspirations. But the more we have bought into what is expected of us, the more our Cup has shrunk. Our epic dreams have become fever dreams. Our dreams have become too big for us. We cannot contain our dreams anymore.

We cannot contain our dreams...

Requiem for a Dream

Our dreams have become too big for us. And we have reached a point down a boulevard of broken dreams where we cannot have our dreams anymore. The only avenue of redemption is actually to allow our dreams to dream us. We become a dream within a dream. But what does that mean and what is the meaning of dreams? Some nifty stories might give some clues…

Meaning of Dreams

An example is Figment of the Imagination:

If you ever went on a Disney Quest and visited Epcot a few years ago, you may have seen a little character called Figment in the World of the Imagination. Figment said something like this: “You cannot have a dream without the means to make it come to pass.” Only in Dreams do you find the true meaning of dreams, something tangible to grow and expand back to the size of your Dreams…

Another example is Field of Dreams:

In Field of Dreams where the guy hears a voice from pure intuition: “If you book them, they / he will come!” Everyone believes his prophetic dreams to build a baseball field are merely pipe dreams. He has to work at it and stay committed. He has to stretch himself beyond his comfort zone - and keep listening to his Intuition.

His adventure quest ends up as a journey to the past. Because of his commitment, he also makes it possible for a few of the other characters to “dream a little dream” and have parallel journeys of the heart. The baseball field becomes a kind of Lucid Dream Zone which dreams everyone on inward journeys of healing and self discovery.

Planet Quest Travel Diary

The learning adventures included:
See our Travel Diary of Dreams…

Sacred sites in Egypt

  • Sacred sites in Egypt - The Sphinx and Giza Pyramid
  • Swimming with baby Elephant in Thailand

    Swimming with baby Elephant

  • Swimming with Dolphins in Zanzibar
  • Dahab and the Sinai Desert
    Dahab and the Sinai Desert

  • Moonta Bay in South Australia
  • Lake Kyle in Zimbabwe (Before the Fall)
  • Piketberg in the Cape
    Piketberg in the Cape

  • Crab Claw Island near Darwin
  • Chichen Itza in Mexico
  • Isla Mujeres in Cancun
    The Drakensberg in South Africa

  • The Drakensberg in South Africa
  • Jerusalem and the Dead Sea
  • Hong Kong and Macau Island
    Venus in the Louvre Paris

  • Paris, including the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower
  • Exploring London
  • The Magic Kingdom and Epcot at Disney World
  • Saigon and Quy Non in Vietnam
    Motorbikes in Saigon Vietnam

    See our Travel Diary

    Adventure Quest

    Dream a Little Dream Journeys
    in Three Steps:

    Step One: Free Online Learning

    Experience the many facets through our:

  • Pay it Forward Mentor Program
  • Enchanted Learning Pages
  • Lifestyle Lift Online Courses
  • Free Online Learning
  • Adventure Stories
  • What is In It for You? We always strive to offer unequivocal value in our free online courses. Many participants prefer to work online only for a few years. You gain all the benefits of online learning and accelerated distance learning and then you assess if it is for you. See benefits...

    Step Two: Online Learning Resource

    Online Courses in the Learning Channel:

  • Adventure Learning Dream Products Downloads
  • Online Specific Accelerated Learning Courses
  • World Project Adventure Quest Preparation
  • We start our adventures with free online accelerated learning in the form of tasks, exercises and experiential learning. The value you gain from online adventure learning is phenomenal.

    Step Three: World Current Events

    A Planet Quest of Overseas Adventure Travel

  • One – The Quickening in August 2008
  • Simplicity in September 2008
  • What if in 2009

  • World Current Events - Free online Available Soon!:

    Dream a Little Dream Journey – Don’t Stop Online!

    One – The Quickening in August 2008

    One – The Quickening in August 2008 A Freedom Call to Southern Africa for a Journey of the Sorcerer. Previous participants have called it the quest for the ultimate shamanic journey of a lifetime.

    Simplicity – Somewhere in Australia

    Simplicity – Somewhere in Australia in September 2008 A Course by Invitation only because it is: "Too Simple” for our sophisticated world

    What If – A Journey of Hope in 2009

    What If – A Journey of Hope in 2009 A Wow Quest Online

    We start a Planet Quest with online adventure learning in the form of tasks, exercises and experiential learning. From there you can decide if you are ready for overseas adventure travel and a fantastic journey to the edge of possibilities and probabilities…

    Dream a little Dream
    I have a Dream…

    The moment you say: “I have a dream” and you kindle some “What if questions”, then you have to work at it. Following your dreams is bliss and the game of life requires that you work at it. But the work is a pleasure. You work much harder but it goes much faster. It almost looks like you did nothing!

    So Dream a little Dream with us. Remember: You are what you are, not because of what you have been, but because of what you are becoming…
    Make your Life Adventures the Requiem for a Dream of unequivocal proportions!

    Only Love
    Louis Franco

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