A Descended Master

Patrick Desplace with Lorraine Davies

A Descended Master - Patrick Desplace with Lorraine Davies

A Word from the Editor

In August 1989, I attended a workshop called Esoteric Mastery 1, offered by a man called Patrick de Saint Philippe Desplace. That workshop was to change my life and established the foundations of a relationship with the man I was to adopt as my teacher. Patrick has rattled the bars of my cage, rocked my boat, turned my world upside down, revised my paradigms, expanded my view of the world, and shaken me to the core. He has led me to the edge of many abysses and challenged me to jump! He has guided me safely to other realms and worlds, and back again. Throughout my training he has revealed to me, with a liberal dose of humour, irreverence, ruthlessness, and caring, a way through this labyrinth called Life to a clear and high vista filled with adventure, passion, freedom, and love. He has assisted me to make huge progress on the journey of remembering who and what I am.

A Descended Master is an attempt to offer you the latest offering of his unique and exceptional teaching. The book comprises a condensation of a series of interviews recorded in Australia, as well as the transcripts of several residential workshops which have taken place over the past four years. I trust you will enjoy reading A Descended Master as much as I have enjoyed compiling it, for it was a labour of love for the man called Patrick de Saint Philippe Desplace, my beloved teacher. Lorraine Davies 2011

Interview with Patrick Desplace

Extract from A Descended Master

Magical Beings

There are three magical beings in three different films and they all demonstrate this technique-less technique beautifully! August Rush is the magical child. Socrates in the film The Peaceful Warrior is the magical warrior and K-Pax is the magical being from another place and time. Each one had to die to his past in order to become a magical being. By becoming magical beings they were able to heal themselves and all those around them. They became so much more when they died to their past. They were all able to enter the Zone where the technique-less technique is natural and easy. No technique, just tapping what was already within them.

Each one of them was a freak in terms of Consensus Reality. For you to become magical beings and step into your power, you need to be willing to become freaks in your world – to give up sanity and to go beyond being the herd animal. It takes courage to stand in that power, to empower yourselves and each other. One thing that many of you are afraid to do is to lose your place in the herd. When you belong to society, all you can ever be is a product of your conditioning and programming from the past. You need to drop all of that and set yourselves free if you want to become a magical being.

The freaks have got it. The freaks make it. This is what I mean to live the extraordinary life in an ordinary manner and the ordinary life in an extraordinary manner. The avenue of your salvation lies in the game of controlled folly. You need to be a freak, to give up your sanity and move beyond, but most people who discover there is more to life and living than being a herd animal and doing as they are told, feel they need to prove it to everybody. They need the reassurance and want to convert everyone to their belief. They usually end up being bruised and ostracised. But rest assured all of you who have worked with me for any length of time are bloody freaks!

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