The Definition of Learning

A Self Development and Learning Ontology

The Definition of Learning can best be described by Adventure Learning and Enchanted Learning theories. Enchanted Learning is a completely different paradigm in the ontology of self development and learning.

You are primarily encouraged to develop your own unique viewing point and your own unique journey. It involves stories and learning styles of modern teachers and mystic mentor teachers. When participants work together, it is usually to form a synergy where each individual further develops their unique voice or unique song.

Definition of Learning Unique Song

Play the Game of Life

The world you live in has programmed that unique song out of you so that you can be useful and functional to the society that you live in. At some stage when people start discovering that they have been led down a boulevard of broken dreams. They cut themselves off from that society because they are pissed off that they have been conditioned to be useful and that they are being used. However this is done out of bravado. The idea is to play the game of life sincerely but at the same time to transcend it.

Definition of Learning Two Wolves

Very often we fall into a particular pattern of seeing and perceiving and the way we are conditioned to do so is a very definite line of black or white without looking at other options of perception. A nifty story that clearly illustrates this is called:
The Two Wolves

Enchanted Learning Quests

Enchanted Learning is about taking charge of your life by developing your true intuition, exploring inward journeys into the World of the Imagination and taking adventure trips on amazing journeys of a lifetime.

The Definition of Learning
in the Adventure Learning Channel

The whole goal of Adventure Learning is to be able to revise not only the way we have learnt through past experience but also to look at completely new ways of perceiving. The idea is to abandon all our points of view in order to acquire new viewing points. The moment we have a point of view we cannot view from different viewing points and it is extremely limiting not to access things from different viewing points.

Definition of Learning Different Viewing Points

Only Love
Louis Franco

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