The Cycles of Life

All life is cyclical and is subject to ebbs and flows of outward expansion balanced against inner contraction and contemplation.

This is a phenomena that can be noticed in all aspects of life, whether it is the waxing and waning of the moon in the night sky or the spiritual growth cycles of the inner human spirit and soul.

For thousands of years mystics have used this knowledge of cyclical energy to optimise their impact on their world, as well as on their own inner growth and development, thus changing worlds more elegantly.

Learn the secrets of the cycles of life and how to harness these potent cyclical forces that work through the sun, the moon, the earth and, finally, through your own psyche.

Dates and Times
Sat  -  9 April  09H30 – 13H00
Sun  - 10 April  09H30 – 13H00

Investment: R660

Venue: Northern Johannesburg

Practical Modern Metaphysics

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