How Cupid God of Love
Fooled Humanity

An Adventure Stories Recital

Cupid, God of Love Sat by Quietly

Cupid God of Love, reclined idly on his throne, watching the commotion around him. The Earth had finally been finished and Human kind was about to be set free upon the planet. But the Greek Gods had one final problem to solve before setting their creation in motion.

The problem was, where to hide the ultimate truth. Where would they hide their power from humanity? Cupid, God of Love, was getting bored of the discussion, but he sat through it, grudgingly listening to his elders.

Zeus, the god of the heavens and all things, rumbled: “Why not hide it in the furthest reaches of outer space? Man would never think to search there.” The other Greek Gods and Goddesses thought about it. But, eventually, Cupid pointed out that man would learn how to build some sort of craft that would be able to fly to the furthest reaches of the galaxies and find all the answers.

So the Olympians thought for a while. Then Poseidon, the God of the seas, said: “Why not hide it at the bottom of the ocean, in the deepest darkest place under the sea?” Again after much talking Cupid, God of Love, said that man would eventually be able to adventure into and navigate the depths and find this treasure.

So again there was silence, until Demeter, the Goddess of the Earth, said: “Why not hide it within the earth? In the center of the Earth, in its very heart.” Again the response came from Eros that humanity would find its way even down near the molten heart of the earth.

Hephaestus, the Fire God, eventual said: “Well what of fire? Surely they’ll never be able to find it there?” But again came the response that some how man would find a way to distil fire and find the essence of all things

It was then that a Cupid the god of love and the human heart said what of human kind itself. Why not hide it in the very last place they would look. All the other Gods asked the little God where that would be.

“Why,” Cupid said: “In their hearts, inside themselves. They would never think to look there”

With Love and Laughter,
The Adventure Learning Foolish Humans

An Adventure Learning Initiative
A question to ponder:

Observe how this tale relates to you. How much of your time is spent looking outside yourself for answers? How much time do you listen to your heart and your own answers?

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