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Hello and Welcome to the inspiring creative project ideas forum, where creative skills are turned into art.

In the past, artists and crafts people went through a process of learning. They would first find a master who would take them on as an apprentice. As the young artist became skilled in his or her chosen art-form they took on the title of journeyman. Here they were recognized as being competent in the skills of their art. However, it was only when they tapped into the true artist within themselves, transforming their skilled works into works of art, that they were then acknowledged as masters of art.

This process has changed over the centuries. Now, only those who can study at an institution are taught in the arts and often in an unsatisfactory way. Those who do not have the time or the finances are only allowed to study an art as a hobby.

Our vision is to change this, recreating the relationship of master-mentor and student. We offer you a forum for sharing, inspiring, mentoring and learning more about your passion and art.

Creative Project
Ideas Forum

There are two ways in which you can share and enjoy the creative benefits in the creative project ideas forum:

1. Join our Forum of Mentors and Masters of Art

One option available to you is sharing your knowledge and wisdom in the various arts. By the various arts I am referring to: the performing arts; music; film; design and graphic art; all forms of writing; the visual arts; and martial arts.

As the saying goes: “It is by sharing that we receive the most.” As you mentor so you learn and as you learn so you mentor. If you choose to share your knowledge as a creative project ideas mentor on a mission, you have various options at your disposal for positively impacting on your world.

Creative mentoring to assist you find your creative spirit and zing. The Simple Life is about support and not doing it for you. See how Jennifer Baltz offers that kind of support and clarity at

The Ways to Mentor, Share and Instruct

First you can apply and send us an informative page or a gem of wisdom on creative concepts, creative exercises or perhaps the history of art. Make it a pearl of wisdom that will embellish the creative adventure quest of apprentices and masters alike. A key that you wish you had been told at the beginning of your creative career.

Second, if you enjoy writing you could send us an e-book or course in your creative field.

Finally, you could just send us review of books, movies, websites or CDs.

2. Be in the Creative Learning Channel

The second form of sharing you can participate in is receiving the wisdom and knowledge being offered. Receive this knowledge by putting it into action. Then transform the skills and concepts you have acquired into your own artistic expression. Most of our mentors and masters are also students, so do not feel intimidated by your skill level. These pages are for apprentices and masters alike.

Begin Sharing the Road of Creative Growth

So share in the resources of this ever-evolving set of pages. Allow yourself to inspire and be inspired by sharing the road of your passion and the song of your heart.

If there is an art-form we have forgotten and you would like to add, please don’t hesitate to send us your mentor resume and some information on the subject. Embellish your own mastery by sharing and assisting others to become masters of art through the creative project ideas forum.

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