The Creative Labs' Exhibitionists

Artists Exhibit and Showcase

An Adventure Learning Initiative
from the Simple Life

Greetings Artist
You are entering our various Creative Labs, each exhibiting a growing anthology of collected art works...

You have most wittingly or unwitting
Entered the pages for artists, befitting.
If you have a work of Art
Then you are off to a blinding start.

You have magically found this page,
A place for your Art to be on stage.

Be it poem, story: fictional or true,
Be it painting or sculpture new.
Be it music of any sort,
At no genre do we snort.

Be it film or theatre piece
Put it on YouTube and link it please.

Be it martial art, like aikido
Post it here so all will know.

Share you Art!
Don’t be a fart!
But, make sure it is original
Although copyright law is abysmal,
We will not go to chooky for you
Just because you copied someone else’s brew.

The Creative Labs' Artists
Showcase and Exhibit

This is an Artists Showcase forum for you to exhibit whatever art it is you are gifted in. The little poem above was for fun, so don’t feel hurt if your art was left out, rather submit a piece of work and get us up to speed, we are a bit slow sometimes.

The philosophy behind the adventure learning creative labs is the art of sharing. We offer you the opportunity to present, exhibit and showcase your works of art at no cost. We believe in a world where the sharing of skills and talents is of the utmost value. Share your creative voice and assist in recreating a world where artists who offer their value are appreciated and rewarded.

For the Appreciator of Art

If you are merely here to see the spectacle then please scroll through the Artistic pages and view the works that people have shared. If you would like to buy an artwork then please get in touch with us and we will inform the relevant artist.

You can also contribute to the pay it forward What-If-Fundation, assisting the Adventure Learning independent artists to continue sharing their unique brand of creativity with the world.

For Mentors on a Mission

If you are, or consider yourself, a master of your art and would like to contribute helpful tips and techniques in your field please see our mentoring and instructing creative project ideas page.

Mentor by submitting informative pages; reviews on books, CDs and movies; and offer courses in your creative forte. Pay forward your knowledge and experience, assisting to create a world where snotty old-school professors are extinct and where creative dreams do come true.

Sharing is caring, so...

Don’t be square!
Submit your works and share!

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Creative Lab Masters of Art

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