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arts literature - poetry

Deidre Le Patourel – an introduction

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I find writing as a means to express myself, my ideas, my passion as well as my love. Often I write to strengthen my flame when it seems dim and to relight it when it has blown out. I have always written and over the past few years I decided to share it. I am grateful that I can share my works with you on this fabulous, growing site. Thank you for reading my works. They are the beginning of much more to come…

I have done quite a bit of adventuring so far: touching the pristine waters of The Great Barrier Reef; to climbing the heights of Table Mountain in Cape Town; to embarking on an adventure to Canberra, Australia. Canberra: The Meeting Place, an amazing place, filled with culture, clarity and history; to growing up in beautiful Malawi and traveling through the land of the lions, leopards and snakes in Zambia; as well as skiing and kayaking on the fresh waters of lake Malawi, in the homeland of the hippos and the crocodiles; to the Opal Blue Seas of Zanzibar; and on to Europe - Great Britain for Schooling; Spain, Paris and the Americas for Fun; and much more…
My traveling has only really just begun, and I have been on the move since I was a child!
Love To You All! x

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Michael Corcoran - author of Walking on Air

In 1995 I began an inner transformation through the exploration of the metaphysical and the spiritual world.

In the exploration of this inner realm I rediscovered poetry. I began writing in 1997 and ‘Walking on Air’ is my first book. In 2005 I attended Tomorrow is up to You, a course run by Patrick Desplace in Cape Town, South Africa. Much of the work of this course focused on reenergizing the Tarot. During the process I discovered that the Tarot is a tool for tapping into the same inner world I was tapping into to write my poetry. It seemed only logical to combine the power of the Tarot with the magic of poetry. ‘Walking on Air’ is a result of that combination.

I am currently working on a website where poems dealing with metaphysical and spiritual topics are available. I believe passionately in the power of poetry as a tool to help us explore our inner selves and shape our lives.

Note on the book ‘Walking on Air’

I have come increasingly to view Walking on Air more as a book of inspirational and motivational poems rather than a set of interpretations of the cards of the Tarot. People who have read the book have passed comments on to me which have prompted this view. The poems are inspired by the Tarot but do not have to be combined with it in order for them to work their magic.

On the other hand the poems do work well when one is doing a reading. I have found that sometimes a poem will prompt a new insight into a spread when its meaning is not clear.

Any time one reads a poem, especially a poem such as these, it opens a portal into the inner world where you can discover more of yourself. The Tarot does the same thing.

Lots of love,

One of the Creative Labs Exhibitionists

Fatima Coovadia – an introduction

I have studied various alternative methods of healing, however, my preferences are Teaching and practicing as a Reiki Master, Cheirologist and a Crystal Healer. My journey through this lifetime has taught me many valuable lessons and the most important one is to live life without any attachment. Writing Poetry has always been a means of self-expression for me as it allows me to travel to the depths of my soul and go to places I would normally fear to tread.

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arts musical

Victoria Altern - An Introduction

I don’t know what I would do without music. My life is surrounded by many opportunities that have to do with music. My passion has helped me benefit more and more of my talents. If I am having a rough day, I pick up my guitar and play any random chord, sing any random song or pretend I am performing.

When I sing in front of an audience my heart does not race, instead I make sure it is at a steady beat. My palms do not sweat they are dry and whenever I may get nervous, I can calm myself down. In music everyone has their own way of thinking, their own creative ideas and what they want to do with their talents.

How I calm down if I’m nervous is I find a happy place, I would think of a beautiful island where there is nobody to bother me, Nobody to tell me what I must do or when I should do it. I have made a few mistakes but I realize that it’s the only way to learn how to face the difficult parts of being a YOUNG musician.

Always smile
Love Victoria

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