Chaos and Harmony

The Goddess Returns to the World

There is a wind of Change over Our World and Our Lives. In the Heart, the Soul and the Mind of every individual there is a yearning for The Harmony of Life, Love and Freedom. Our restlessness is the call of our Soul to The Adventure of Celebration. The Dormant Powers of The Spiritual Being that we are, wanting more of our Human Experience has Unleashed the Primal Energy of Chaos!

The Goddess has returned.

Chaos, that what makes anything possible is like A Wind of Change affecting our Lives, our Country and our World. Opportunists are making the most of Chaos to create a more Regulated World... To the degree that we are willing to answer the Call of Our Soul to The Adventure of Celebrating Life, Love and Freedom, we can monitor the energy of The Goddess. To change our Paradigms, our Attitude and create A New Order of Freedom in our Lives - In our World

In this gentle 3 evening workshop, you are invited to discover the ingredients of Freedom, Life and Love. It will be possible for you to understand more than ever before the amazing gifts of the Goddess. The Beauty of it All, the adventure of celebrating Life is just there, within your reach…



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