Celebrating in the NOW Times

An interview with Patrick Desplace

Q.Patrick, you have been involved in Metaphysical teaching for about 20 years and have travelled the world presenting courses, talks and residential retreats. What is it about the time we are in right now that makes Metaphysical teaching/learning different to before?

P: Gandhi said: “Wherever you are, Be There”. More than ever this applies, as the Time is Now! A Now Consciousness is already upon us. Do we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the presence to feel what Is Here, Now?

All our past memories, skills learned, our entire life events have made it possible for us to be what and where we are Now. We have expended a huge amount of energy, time and money to get us to the point of where we are. We have taken various information and knowledge, put it into action and this has developed our Wisdom. All of this influences how we think, feel and act. We have created our lifestyles, livelihoods and lives from this. This body of knowledge and wisdom has been invaluable in contributing to what we are Now.

However, two attitudes are required in order for us to move elegantly forward. Firstly we need to realize that yesterday and what you learned then belonged to a time that does not exist anymore. Secondly, is the attitude of Celebrating All of Life right Here and Now. Be present and focus on what you are and learning NOW.

Q. Are you saying that what we have learnt so far may not be of use to us anymore?

P: There is a paradox here in that our accumulated wisdom has got us to where we are now however it cannot help us to move forward anymore. Right Now, we need to focus on what we have Become as a result of our life’s experiences. Our cup of knowledge and wisdom needs to be completely emptied for us to be able to tap into the Now Consciousness as what is being offered Now cannot be consciously sought from the framework of what was. Any and every reference to the past will limit access to the new learnings of Now.

Q. Why is that?

P: Simply put, we would be making use of our conditioned entity, which although valuable to have got us to Here, is unable to help us perceive the incredible gifts available Now. The difference is that what you learnt previously – whether it was with me or another teacher was learnt at a certain resonance. When you fall back on previous teachings, you go back to the resonance at which you learned it. It may have worked up until now however the time for suspending previous learnings in order for you fully appreciate what you have Become, has arrived.

Q. I have noticed that there is a lot of information out there in the vein of going beyond thinking, being in the now but for many people this is an abstract concept that is not easy to comprehend, can you give me an example of what you mean?

P: Yes certainly, 2009 is the year of Celebration which includes Appreciation and Gratitude, and a sense of knowing what is right from deep within. It also includes the spirit of fun and adventure. When we are truly having fun, we don’t have to think about it, we don’t have to access knowledge or perform a ritual, it just is, we are in the moment and accessing pure mind.

Q. How do we access Pure Mind?

You cannot at will. If it is possible for you to sense that your inner power and animation comes from not knowing who you are. To sense that it comes from Being Here as the space for Life to happen through you. To glimpse that your sensed and felt presence animates Life itself. When you become fully conscious of yourself, you become alive and aware, present - Now. This state cannot be learned it can only be attained by Being Here, Now, and in doing so it is made possible for the new information, relevant to Now, to become perceived by the you that you have Become.

Everything is changing, what is different now, is that we have the choice of how we are going to change without having to “tap into” anything, we can access this from a point of knowing - we won’t be able to access it from a point of past learnings. The simplest way to do so is by Celebrating the NOW.

Q. What does celebrating the Now make possible?

As an example, Nina and I were going to England to do a course and unfortunately the course didn’t happen. We immediately celebrated the opportunity to go on an adventure to Venice, with upgrades in hotels, snow in America where it doesn’t snow and a magical Paris trip. The whole adventure ended up with us having more money available when we got home than we had before we left! The point of this is that we are now in the techniqueless age, where we can achieve amazing things through consciousness, it is a time of the extraordinary and exceptional and none of it would have been possible for us if we weren’t in gratitude and appreciation – the energy of Celebration!

Q. In order to attend your course, is there anything that is required?

P: Only this – those that are willing to acknowledge they have become more than their accumulated learnings. Those that are willing to suspend disbelief and achieve amazing things through consciousness, to accept that the time is NOW and surrender to the new energies and celebrate life. These are the people that I am most willing to work with.

Q. Thank you Patrick – any final words?

Yes, a powerful gateway to entering the Now Consciousness is through Celebrating. Celebrate everything in the spirit of fun and Appreciation, feeling deep Gratitude for the abundance and sheer beauty of Nature on planet Earth, to the countless stars in the sky. The abundance of hope, love, friendship, sounds, tastes, touch, feelings, sight. The abundance of the millions of cells in your magnificent body. The beauty of who you truly are, Now. The pure Joy for All of Life, which comes from deep within you.

One of my greatest moments of ecstasy is when I ride my bicycle through nature and connect with everything, truly feeling, seeing, smelling all that is around me and being in gratitude for the experience, this is available to all of us every day in every moment – not only for a chosen few in rare moments!

Let’s Celebrate the Now together and what you have Become.

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