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Welcome to Living the Simple Life.
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A Creative Labs’ Exhibitionists Adventure Learning Initiative: You can contribute and share your inspirational poetry. Simply choose a heading that appeals to you and submit your poetry or some inspirational famous poetry. Or, create your own relevant heading and submit your poetry…

Metaphysical Poets' Corner

Ahh… the metaphysical poets corner
allow your literary knowledge to be broader.

Modern Poets of Rhythm

Let your mind jump and jive
with our tumbling poetry archive

Let your mind go on wonderous roams
read through these enchanted life poems

Mad Poets of the Fall

the Poets o' rhythm are so fair
they draw their words out of thin air

Spiritual poems do abound
well o course love is all around

All this be free poetry
inspires me to delightful coquetry

Female Poets of the Fall

Through tunnels of dark poetry
you can learn to be free

Poetesses with depths so great
gushing words magically ornate

These all poems of inspiration be
here they are for you to be free

Inspirational Poetry Online

Instead of paging through massive tombs
just click through our posted love poems

Tarot Card Interpretation Poems

Like sprites dancing upon thimbles
here poems of the tarot symbols

Like often forgotten dreamings
come the wonders of tarot card meanings

Inspirational Poetry of Love

The inspirational poetry of love
falling on your ears like manna from above.

Cavalier Poets' Rose

Metaphysical Poet Voices

lines of meta funny poetry
for all our reader's personal glee

open your heart and show 'em
with the power of love poem

There is no need for stoicalry
embellish life with friendship poetry

Love poetry for all
There is no need for you to stall

Poetry of Love

Free love poems
from twinkling little gnomes

Kubla Khan's pleasure domes
have nothing on our best love poems

Well if you like them not too tall
Our short love poems are nice and small

Power of Love

The power of love
so befitting like hand in glove

Carefree Poets' Cove

Wander through the carefree Poets Cove
and enjoy this little treasure trove
of literary de Bonaire
and imaginative poetic flare.

Cavalier Poets Corner

Modern Poet Voices

Poet voices in chorus sing
like dew drops to your ears cling

The history writing poetry
can be fun you see

Free Poetry Archive

The elements of poetry and inspiration
do not cause us exasperation

With famous poets let their words
you soul completely enfolds

Mystery Poet Maya

Let the magical mystery poet maya
set your imagination a fire

Give Your Cavalier Poet Voice

Types of Poetry: Haikus

Examples of haiku poetry
life distilled so delicately

haiku poetry is so neat
your emotions so discrete

haiku poets lofty and high
like powerful samurai

Cavalier Poets and Poetesses

Living the Simple Life

Deidre Le Patourel – an introduction

i want to know

maybe there is only love



rituals of africa

Daniel Bernberg - mysteriously Daniel

we africa

phoenix revisited

Michael Corcoran - author of Walking on Air

gifts of the goddess

ho’ oponopono

the lovers

knight of swords

walking the roman road


Fatima Coovadia – commentary


Ruby de Vere – with Love

lost at sea

slaves of time

Reyna – young Again

that moment

Colette – with Variety


haikus and short poems

jOHN fERREIRA – so debonair

metaphysical poets' corner

inspirational poetry of love

carefree poets' cove

mystery poet maya

louis franco - newby

bird of freedom


ee cummings - how to write poetry

famous poet

An Adventure Learning Initiative where Poets Rule!

Only Love
the Adventure Learning Cavalier Poets

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