Caring For

Little Nut Chronicles - Chronicle 3

Caring for or taking care of the things in your life. What is the difference? This is a tale about the power of caring. When you are able to access this power, amazing gifts and abundance are made available to you.

Quality, Quantity or Niether

This story is about activating a particular quality within yourself. It is a quality that we all possess but that has been knocked out of us by a cynicism and jaded ambition. This quality is most easily seen in the childlike empress in the Never Ending Story. It is the ability to care for and nurture something, even if the circumstances around you seem uncomfortable and disheartening.


In this story two men find themselves in a very uncomfortable work environment. The essence of the story lies in the different ways that the two men deal with the situation that they find themselves. It is the subtle energy of caring that assists the one to stretch to a place of abundance and happiness. While just taking care of the business eventually lead to the other fellow being fired.

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A Thought to Ponder

To what extent do you merely take care of the things in your life? How different does it feel when you really care for something, offering it nurturing and attention? Could you develop that energy in everything you do, even the things you least enjoy doing?

Modern Movie Magic

The modern movie magic worth looking at for this story: Groundhog Day, The Never Ending Story, Pretty Woman, A Good Year.

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