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Leopard on anthill in Botswana Botswana, lion portrait African Wild Dog
On safari in Botswana, this leopard posed so gracefully for us on her lookout post, this being the anthill. She was clearly enjoying all the attention. To be up so close to a male lion in the African bush, on an open vehicle, is very humbling. We followed this lion for quite a while, he was looking for something, I wonder if he ever found it? We came across this rare sighting on an early morning game drive in Botswana. African Wild Dog napping peacefully. A real treat.

Baby elephant with mother in Botswana Botswana, leopard cub in tree Botswana, hyena portrait
The Savute Channel, Linyanti, Botswana. On a game drive we spent some quality time with this family of elephant. Mom knows best... This little leopard was hidden up a tree, deep in the bush. His mom had gone off probably to hunt for the next meal, he was playing it safe. We were his on-board entertainment!. A hyena has the strongest jaws of all the predators. Not a force to be reckoned with. This guy was wary, he had picked up the scent of lion in the area.

Dickinsons Kestrel, Botswana Botswana, watching an Elephant in camp Botswana, elephant portrait
The Dickinsons Kestrel, seen in April in the Savute Channel, Botswana. This one is for all you keen birders out there. This elephant decided he was staying for lunch in the camp. He was a bit grumpy, so we had to sneak past to get back to our tent. Hide-and-seek with a twist. Getting up close and personal with an African elephant, on safari in Botswana. We sat very quietly on the game drive vehicle so as not to disturb his peace.

Botswana lion reflection Botswana, saddle-bill stork Botswana, zebra
Seeing double? A beautiful image of a male lion doing what lions do best, relaxing in the midday sun near the Savute Channel. Nature at its best. The colours on this saddle-bill stork make any artist envious. Nature's natural canvas. A baby zebra that wandered off from it's mom, looking a bit bewildered. Thankfully they were re-united shortly afterwards. Who was more relieved, the zebra or us?

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