The Book of Life - Minor Arcana

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The Book of Life

The Minor Arcana


Where The Fool

Becomes the Trickster

On the Plane of Duality… 


Dear Friends,

The Book of Life, The Minor Arcana is a program that is seldom offered. The program is unlike any other Taro program ever offered. The first few days will cover the essential aspects of some of the relevant cards of The Major Arcana and the Alchemy “Forces” in terms of the new energies becoming available from the world of Tomorrow!

The recommended reading is The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang.


As a tool of Divination the Taro can be dangerous as the energies unleashed are usually set to resonate with the Taro Readers at the level of their values and paradigms. Very few Readers have reached the required level of maturity to maintain a neutral and non-judgmental attitude and be able to discern the higher aspirations of their clients and fuel these aspirations. Instead, many Readers have been responsible for their clients aborting their Soul Journey and for them returning to the mundane and ordinary life that the Readers themselves perceive as correct according to their station in life!

The word “Taro” is an encryption or code for “Tora” or “Torah” or “The Law”. Each card or archetype of the Main Arcana reveals the fundamental principles of the Soul Journey from Kether to Malkuth and back to Kether on the Tree of Life of the Kabala… Then there is the Minor Arcana where The Fool becomes the Trickster on the plane of Duality.

Each card is a “Window” through which enormous currents of Energy flow to make it possible for the Spiritual Being to have an adventurous journey through the world of life

– a meaningful Human Experience.

On this Plane we are experiencing a Temporal, Three Dimensional reality in a Freewill Zone.

So everything goes!

To understand the Power of The Minor Arcana opens to us Options and Informed Choices on our Journey!

To teach the Minor Arcana is the most Challenging activity I have ever undertaken! It is necessary that I maintain My Resonance at the highest pitch of Impeccability I am capable of throughout the duration of the program!

Major irrevocable changes take place within me, in the context and content of my life…

And the Changes have already begun backwards through time! Similarly participants undergo enormous changes in all aspects of their lives!

I will use this program as a teaching tool to reveal more of the Energies of Tomorrow…

This is a powerful seminar series

and has far-reaching consequences in your life!


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