Biker Woman Chronicles

The Joy of Motorbiking

Unlike most young men who desire their first car, as a biker woman I traded my second hand 1300cc Toyota car for a BMW 600cc motorbike at the age of 18 and my love affair with motorbikes and the biker lifestyle has not faded for the past 50 years.

Being a motorbike owner places many responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to take responsibility for your own life in bad traffic. You are responsible for the safety of a passenger on your pillion seat, as well responsible for any fool who tries to cut in front of your bike or walk into your path.

So the first rule of riding a motor bike is: STAY SOBER AND DRIVE DEFENSIVELY – NEVER TRY TO BE WINDGAT ON A MOTOR BIKE!

Biker Woman Rules
for Owning a Motor Bike:

Before driving off, check the tyre pressure, if your bike has a chain drive, check the free play of the chain that it is not too loose. Check oil level and change oil and oil filter at least every 5000 km. Should your bike start running sluggishly, check the petrol filter for dirt. Regularly wash your bike and in the final rinse, mix paraffin (half a cup on 5 litres water) to prevent rust. Service your bike regularly.

Before a trip switch on your headlights, check position of your mirrors, check for oncoming traffic before pulling off and NEVER try to dice oncoming traffic. Do not weave through the traffic but overtake on the right hand side when it is clear and you can safely pass a car without swinging in fast and causing that driver to brake sharply – it is not without reason that many motorists resent bikers and try to cut them off.

Advantages of Owning a Motor Bike
and the Biker Lifestyle

Few things fills you with so much exhilaration as feeling the wind on your body and experiencing the freedom of the elements while you ride. When traffic is slow or grind to a halt, the motorbike moves past the traffic and you can reach your destination much sooner.

Parking is never a problem even in the most congested shopping times. The maintenance and petrol cost of a bike is much cheaper than a car.You need not buy a $20,000 flashy bike to enjoy the fun of going on a breakfast run or being part of a rally bringing toys to underprivileged children. The biker community consists of ordinary, friendly and helpful people – SO ENJOY THE FRATERNITY OF THE BIKER COMMUNITY!

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