Benefits of Online Learning

A List of the Benefits of Online Learning
A Work in Progress

Distance Learning Benefits in the Learning Channel

  • Home schooling and cooperative learning
  • You can work in your own space
  • Adult learning theory which is based on life experience
  • No risk if you prefer to work only online
  • Global long distance learning at your fingertips
  • Exciting life-changing theories of learning
  • Adventure learning domains encompassing all of life
  • The value you gain from online learning is phenomenal
  • You can assess if this is really for you

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Free Online Learning

Benefits of Online Learning Magic and Mystery

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Benefits of Online Learning Personal Touch At your Fingertips

Benefits of Meditation Techniques

Free Short Stories

  • You can read, listen and explore the material and stories again and again

  • Online Stories that inspire with profound messages

  • Adventure Learning quotes and nifty stories of wisdom

  • A story that touches you, has found you at the right time.

  • The teaching of the Sufi masters is to tell similar stories again and again: If you hear the same story, then - instead of constant evolution and growth - you have not moved, you have not grown. They usually tell you: “Come back next year!”

You can share the material

Greater Cosmic Benefits:

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If you would like to join our Pay-it-Forward Teacher and Mentor Program, here are some guidelines:

Our primary requirement is Offering Value, Sharing of your Life Experiences and Inspiring others to a Life rich with Abundance, Celebration, Adventure, better Relationships, Well-Being, Confidence, Freedom, Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Some possibilities to participate in the Teacher or Mentor arena are:

We always appreciate hearing from Inspired and Inspiring people who are willing to make a difference

“To this one it makes a difference!”

Only Love
Louis Franco

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