The Benefits of Meditation and Relaxation
A Pathway to Freedom and Happiness

The benefits of meditation are too numerous to mention here in full. But suffice it to say, they range through the full gamut of the human experience. There are incredible benefits to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. And these benefits are the result of a powerful internal journey. A journey into the amazing oceans of energy that are you and your internal world. All that is required is that you learn how to meditate, which is far easier than you think.

Every Breath You Take
Brings You Closer to Physical Wellness

The more you work with it, the more the benefits of meditation become obvious. Firstly, in the physical range every breath you take becomes an amazing and magical experience. A sort of meditative act. I know for some that may seem a bit far fetched, what with shallow diaphragm breathing and pollution etc. But no conscious diaphragm breathing, no living… Simple physical economics really.

Emotions in Motion

The 2nd major benefit of meditation is the fact that you tap into the flow of emotions in motion. One of the most powerful aspects of being human is to feel your emotions. And then to use your emotions to power your dreams and aspirations in a conscious flow.

Mental Wellness

Of course there is also the joyous benefit of mental wellness and greater mental clarity. From there it is easy to find simple solutions, inspiration and really immerse yourself in experiences. If you practice focused guided meditation for only a few days, every single moment of every single day becomes a meditation. This is even picked up on an EEG scan, with meditation you learn causal brainwave entrainment, where the frequencies of the brain move to far healthier levels. It has also been shown that deeply relaxing music and practicing meditation can have a similar affect on brainwave patterns.

Below is a sample of one of the meditation tracks, just click play and enjoy! The links below will take you to the other music samples on the website.

The Joyous Benefit of Spiritual Wellness

The 4th profound benefit is that you begin to find a far deeper sense of the spiritual and the mystical in everything! And your relationship with the divine within yourself becomes strengthened and renewed. By divine I am talking about the Godhood of your being, Spirit, the Fire Within, the Master Within, whatever you choose to call it.

The Pay It Forward Adventure Quest Guides

All of us who have worked on this site have experienced first hand the benefits of meditation and we are paying it forward to you through this site. We are here as your internal adventure quest guides. Assisting you through the different meditation techniques and ongoing magical meditation music experiences to find the right techniques for you. Whether it is for emotional, physical, spiritual or mental well being, we offer it to you. Meditation is the simplest and easiest way to make a positive shift that lasts.

And by the way, the 5th and most profound benefit of meditation is that you suddenly find yourself Happy!

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Benefactors

Benefits of Meditation 01

Benefits of Meditation 02

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