Benefits of Meditation

The Cascade of Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Benefits of Mediation

One of the spiritual benefits of meditation is a process of healing and clearing blockages in the body, mind and emotions. Thus making it possible to have a stronger, more direct connection with the Higher-Self, God, Goddess, the Inner Divinity, whatever you choose to call it.

The process of stilling the mind and clearing the emotional state all lead to the deepening of communication with our higher-self or the divinity within. I learnt that through meditation I was able to remove my attention from the stresses of my daily affairs. From there it became far easier for me to begin communicating with my true Self. Resulting in a deep spiritual wellness within me that cascaded down into my physical, emotional and mental bodies. This process also resulted in learning about the chakras and their true function.

“If we all listen we can all hear it. The gentle quiet voice within.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was talking of the Divinity within us. Our soul consciousness, that part within us that has tremendous resources and that truly knows what it is we want. The part that knows why we have come here….Through my practice of meditation I was able to overcome ailments such as asthma, eczema and even severe allergies. When I drew my inner divinity into my every day life physical health became a natural by-product.

Emotions in Motion

The Pursuit of Happiness

Through meditation you are also able to withdraw your attention from external stimuli. Thus initiating a deeply relaxed physical and emotional state. It is said that the best form of thinking is not to think at all. In its absolute essence that is the profoundest of all the benefits of meditation: gentle inner-peace and the sound of your own inner-divinity.

Meditation is about consciously stopping the internal dialogue and allowing oneself to think with absolute clarity. Hearing the wisdom of ones inner voice. Thus, you take charge of your emotions and feelings, channeling these potent resources into positive action. In short, taking the initiative and learning how to meditate results in a deeper state of emotional harmony and brings fulfillment to the pursuit of happiness.

Fun Da Mental Wellness

Just think about washing the dishes or gardening. Your body is engaged in a rhythmic non-intellectual activity. And your mind is able to casually drift over your day, or onto other thoughts and solutions.

A casual state of mind is a powerful benefit of meditation. In the casual state you begin to access pure mind. Thus focusing your attention deeply on positive thoughts, feelings and solutions. This, instead of allowing the negatives thrown up by the internal dialogue and negative ego to dominate your mind and thinking. Thus having a positive effect on your physical well-being.

With practice and through the use of meditation one is also able to initiate the alpha brain wave state consciously. And this can be physically measured on an EEG, or electroencephalogram. As you train your mind so you have a reciprocal effect of brainwave entrainment to a natural alpha wave state. A state where inspiration and imagination are natural and easily accessed.

Pay-it-forward and share the benefits and the adventure learning experience that is meditation.

Simply Love
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