Being Childlike

An Enchanted Learning Adventure

Being childlike reminds us how to find our childlike charm

by finding the joy in simple things...

When last did you build a sandcastle on the beach,

with the wonderment of a child?

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Being Childlike on Holiday

Recently I went on holiday with my children to the sea, and besides building sandcastles, we went to ride the waterslide. It was a huge winding slide with water rushing down it and you landed in a pool with a big splash. It looked like so much fun. I didn’t hesitate when my children asked me to go on it with them. And I kept going again and again, trying all the tricks the children showed me to go faster down the slide. Other adults watching on looked envious, but didn’t join in. Almost as if they felt they were missing out on the fun. But it had been such a long time since they had done anything childlike, and they didn’t know how to go into that space.

Being childlike is about finding the fun and joy in the simple things, which children find so easy to do. All our inner child wants, is to be let out to play from under all the layers of conditioning. We are so caught up in what’s expected of us. Being childlike is a distant memory...

Can you see the magic in the simple things with childlike wonderment, or have allowed yourself to become jaded? Respect, love and learn from the magic, purity and innocence of children and our child within.

A Real Faery Tale Adventure

My youngest daughter, Vicky has always believed in faeries, and as a very small child she used to sit outside in the garden and talk to her faery friends. One day she came home from a play date and was very upset. Her friend’s mother had told her that faeries were evil and if she believed in them she was bad. Adults sometimes steal the magic in children, even with the best of intentions. I don’t have many rules in my home, but stealing the magic from children is not allowed. Being childlike is encouraged.

Fortunately Vicky still believes in the magic of faeries, and often creates faery havens with faery dust, flowers and a little shelter, writing a letter to the faeries inviting them into the special place she has created for them. Including a very tiny cup of water in case they get thirsty on their journey! Vicky has many Faery books, so is well read on their likes and dislikes. The one night she left a pencil and paper in the faery haven for them to write on, in the hope they would leave her a message.

The point to this faery tale adventure story, is that the next morning I rushed out, totally caught up in the moment, excited to see if the faeries had left her a message. My daughter had made it possible for me to “ believe”. I felt the true excitement of being a child again.

Did they leave a message for her? Well… that’s between Vicky and the faeries.

I Just Want to Be a Kid!

My oldest daughter, Jeanne, is approaching thirteen and still occasionally plays hide-and-seek with her friends. Some of her friends won’t join in because they say they are too old to play. Jeanne says, “I just want to be a kid, it’s when I have the most fun!” Long may it last. My children and their friends at school rate their parents on a fun scale of 1 to 10. Apparently I am considered to be a 7 on the fun scale. I am working towards a 10! How it works according to the children, is the parents who can really “play” with their kids with childlike abandonment, score the highest. To what degree are you taking charge of your life with a childlike approach? There is a difference between being childlike and childish.

Just watch the children.

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So give yourself a gift today by doing this simple exercise…

Go out and do at least one thing today that will make you feel like a child again – laugh a lot, skip, make like an aeroplane, fly a kite, eat a toffee apple… whatever it is, have fun! You’ll be enchanted at how it can make you feel. It’s a great way of healing the inner child, who has felt neglected for so long. Get re-acquainted with your childlike charm again and go build that sandcastle.

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