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BeDazzle - Become a powerful Magnetic Person


The World Initiatives School

of Esoteric Studies and

The African Holistic School

of Esoteric Studies

Proudly Presents

A Program of Powerful Metaphysical Seminars

An Initiation Bridge Experience


Discover Simple Magic in the Space Between You and Your World!


I invite you to join me on a BeDazzling journey of fun in discovering the power of Magnetism. Become a powerful Magnetic Person. Learn to create magnetic forcefields for better relationships, for happiness, for wealth, for business growth and success in any new project you undertake.

Between you and others, between you and your world there are magnetic forces that attract and repel. These forces are like diffuse light, i.e. a normal light bulb. When consciously harnessed and focused, these same magnetic forces become like coherent light, i.e. a laser beam. It begins with awareness and understanding. When correctly applied these forcefields work like passive or residual income – You only have to do the work once and they keep working…


This program will be of value to you if:

  • You work with groups or individuals
  • You are starting or developing a business
  • You would like to improve your relationships
  • You would like to add special impetus to your dreams and aspirations

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Metamorphic Technique, Christos Technique and Bio Energetics

Reclaim trapped energy from Birth to Now, from Birth to Pre-Conception

and from Past, Parallel and Future Lives.


Psychic Tool

Access to Psychic Power!!!   


What is Magnetism

Adventure Learning

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 Psychic Tool

Access to Psychic Power!!!

This workshop is designed to give students access to Psychic Power! It is essential to have a basic understanding of the chakra system and of psychic energy. Mastery of the psychic tool will activate circuits to give you access to telekinesis, transmutation, teleportation, psycho-kinesis, alchemy and accessing dimensions


“The gateway and the path have no meaning once the objective has been reached”

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