Becoming a Teacher

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Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a teacher or maverick in the enchanted learning channel is a life journey. It is a life journey that all human beings are called to, yet few respond to that call. The freedom call to teach is a gift given to all human beings. This call starts the minute you are born. So here is the process…

Traumatized Childhood

The Training Begins

First there is the traumatized childhood that we all pass through: The rejections and failings; the successes and trophies; the disappointments and victories. All these ups and downs of childhood are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes of preparing yourself for the game of life. So basically it’s the same for everyone. As Jack Canfield says in the movie 'The Secret': “85% of all families are dysfunctional, so that is just called SO WHAT!” All of this is the training process.

A Rebel Moon Rising

The Angst of Teenage Relationships

Next comes the rebel yell of adolescence and early adulthood. That freedom call is burning in your heart and you don’t know how to express it. So you fly the rebel flag. You become Jane rebel or Johnny rebel. You start as a rebel with a cause, a rebel without a pause. You think of yourself as the last rebel on earth. You rebel against everything and everyone.

Unfortunately most people don’t mature past this point. The rebel lure is too much. But if this rebellion is channeled properly something more empowering happens, you begin to search…

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Searching To Find

What You Rebel Against Traps You

Rebellion stems from our process of re-assessing the world around us. We reassess all the values and information that our peers, family and society have given us. This reassessment is vital to our growth as human beings. But the danger is you die an unknown rebel. However, if you channel that desire to know into becoming a maverick surfing the wave of freedom, you begin to surrender to the natural desire for wisdom and teachers start to turn up.

The Adventure Quest Guide Sift

Hot Teachers or Poor Righteous Teachers

Let the games begin! When you stop railing against the world and start the search towards wisdom teachers begin to turn up. The obstacle here is subtle because you are groping about in the dark.

“In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.”

As you grope about on your search for answers you meet other gropers. Many are bad teachers, mad teachers, poor righteous teachers full of self-importance etc. But if you persist past these one-eyed gropers you make it past the finger waggers, conservative pontificators, charlatan gurus and boring brain-drainers you meet a real hot teacher. A hot teacher is someone who knows the game and is not bound up in hidden agendas.

"Remember, all advice has hidden agendas!"

A Hot Teacher Top Gun Maverick

The Levels of Commitment

Once you find a real hot teacher you start to go through varying levels of commitment. The first level is the avid student. After passing through all the detritus of bad teachers all you want to do is learn.

Then you start to realize that becoming a teacher means merely pointing the way. You start to realize that all the answers are within you. You begin to listen to the song of your heart. Then you finally enter the next stage of commitment and growth: You choose to consciously start down the path of becoming a teacher yourself.

In the end, which is the beginning, you only reach the top gun maverick status of hot teacher when you realize you are always becoming a teacher. The journey never ends. For you, like for all of us, your journey has just begun…

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