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Become a teacher

To become a teacher is a process. All of us have unique teacher gifts and a natural inherent inclination to teach. We all do it with those close to us. Teaching Initiatives in the adventure learning channel are about making your life an extraordinary endeavor in the pursuit of happiness. It is said:

“Teach what you most need to learn”.

Teaching ideas and learning go hand-in-hand. When you take the path of becoming a teacher, you start sculpting your life, the life of your choice. Like an artist you develop many new creative project ideas. If you are a willing student, you develop the ability and the will to seek out the best for your Self and your world.

Traditional Teaching Methods

What makes a Good Teacher?

My first teacher in metaphysics asked me many questions over a period of time about what makes a good teacher. I must admit that some of the questions affected me personally because I had to reassess everything about how I taught and my attitude to teaching. Here are some of the questions:

Are you trapping or setting students free with your teaching?
Are you moved by a bad teacher with a boring repertoire?
Do you yearn for cold classrooms or sterile lecture halls?
Are you inspired by a dull regular education initiative?
Do you love mediocre adult learning activities?
How do you feel about indulgent, poor, righteous teachers?
Are you teaching under the duress of paying your bills,
i.e. would you still be teaching if you were financially free!?

Becoming a Teacher

The Pleasures and Simple Freedom of Teaching

My first teacher helped me clarify my values and paradigms to be and become a teacher. When your teaching becomes your life-work, not your job, not your career, not your occupation, you are inspired to offer value, quality and excellence. You no longer question your long-term commitment. You are always enchanted by learning and sharing what you have learnt.

The student goes to the master and says:

“Master, Master, I have great difficulties getting rid
of my undesirable friends.”

And the master says:

“Ah! It is easy! Lead a desirable life, and your
undesirable friends will be rid of you.”

How to “Teach Only Love” is the theme of the Esoteric Teacher’s Training Course I offer. We always teach what we most need to learn. I need to learn to “Teach Only Love”!  How does one teach Love? How does one teach ‘The greatest force there is?’

I have been a teacher of life for more than 33 years and I have found that teaching is a life path of growth, fulfillment, peace, love and happiness. In addition you have the pleasure and simple freedom of being inspired and inspiring others; of developing the imagination; of sharing and gratitude; and the light that suddenly switches on in the student’s eyes…

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How to Become a Teacher

Do You Feel A Calling To Teach?

If you start choosing a rewarding life, a positive attitude or healthy lifestyle living, teachers and friends magically turn up to assist you. And those who do not belong with you…? They fall by the wayside to make the space for you to do what you decided you wanted to do. If your intent on getting there and being there is so unbending… whatever stands in the way will step aside. And you know…

"When a man or a woman knows where he or she is going,
the world will step aside to let him or her go by."

Are you already teaching? Do you feel a calling to share, to become a teacher or a good mentor? Adventure Learning Initiatives teachers all pay-it-forward by contributing to free online learning in our various sharing forums. These include: sharing your creative teaching in the arts; submitting and sharing your creative project ideas; exploring enchanted learning metaphysics; exploring relationship communication; offering some motivational stories; learning about magnetic healing; and contributing to free courses online, mentoring on life...

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