Be Childlike

A Journey of Imagination

Be Childlike

Enjoy the Simple Life and be childlike. Take an imaginative journey with us to find your inner child again. Being childlike is about finding the fun and joy in the simple things, which children find so easy to do. All our inner child wants, is to be let out to play from under all the layers of conditioning. We are so caught up in what’s expected of us. Being childlike has become a distant memory...

The difference between childish and childlike: child-ISH means, “juvenile, immature, irresponsible and foolish.” child-LIKE means “innocent, pure, candid and simple.” And to be childlike means having fun! It’s contagious!

One person’s playfulness brings out the playfulness in another. So, by acting child-LIKE, you make it possible for others to do the same. Can you see the magic in the simple things with childlike wonderment, or have allowed yourself to become jaded?

The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us. When the world seems familiar, when one has got used to existence, one has become an adult. ~Eugene Ionesco

Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon. A happiness weapon. A beauty bomb. And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one. It would explode high in the air - explode softly - and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air. Floating down to earth - boxes of Crayolas. And we wouldn't go cheap, either - not little boxes of eight. Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in. With silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest. And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination. ~Robert Fulghum

Healing the Inner Child

Inside each of us is an inner child. This child is either healthy and happy or it's frightened and lost. What part of your inner child requires healing? Issues like low self-esteem, anger and not feeling safe can often come from not healing a part of your childhood. You as an adult still react to certain situations because of these unresolved issues. To heal this inner child, you first need to find them.

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there… ~ Rumi

I often imagine myself in this field of non-judgment as an adult meeting myself as a small child. We sit and chat, we help each other make sense of what’s really going on inside and where it came from and why.

Children Stories

Children stories are a wonderful way of teaching us about how to be childlike. Adventure learning takes on a whole new meaning through the eyes of a child. If you have experiences of being childlike that you’d like to share with others, write an article for our Adventure News Newsletter. I’ve often heard people talking about the simple things in their childhood they enjoyed the most. Like making the biggest and best paper aeroplanes and watching them fly. Share with us your childhood stories, the little things as a child you looked forward to the most. Or write us stories of your own children, what do they teach you?

Do it for the kids…

Creative Kidstuff

Hey kiddo! At least once a day, be childlike! Escape adulthood for a while. What did you like most when you were a child? Do you feel you have to be a responsible adult and require permission to be playful? When last did you have a pyjama party? Why not invite your friends over in their pyjamas and rent a movie such as Happy Feet. Be childlike and have fun.

“It’s ironic that as children we spend most of our time pretending we’re adults. I was “paying” bills, visiting the doctors, involved in sultry affairs, and driving recklessly at age ten. Yet, it was always a glamorous and simplified version of adult life. Now, as an adult I spend my time pining for childhood. I wish I could sell lemonade on Wednesday morning, ride a tricycle, and run full speed after the ice cream man yelling and screaming in a high pitched voice as he drives off into the mid afternoon.”

Said by Author Jason Kotecki - The creator of Kim & Jason, the internationally known comic strip about childhood. Read his book, Escape Adulthood – 8 secrets from childhood for the stressed-out grown-up. His humorous insights will leave you encouraged, entertained, and inspired.

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