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Andrew Pittendrigh has been playing the guitar now for 10 years, and teaching students for the last 2 years. With each year that goes by his passion for the guitar and teaching grows and grows. More than a teacher, Andrew is a student of the guitar and is always keen to learn something new and improve on what he knows and teaches.

Andrew enjoys just about any style of guitar music and is proficient in many of these styles, like rock, blues, metal, finger picking and classical. Andrew's lessons are always fun, diverse and professional. On top of guitar experience, Andrew has got 7+ years experience in the field of IT and computers. Through this experience he has been able to make a big leap forward in sound engineering and recording and has incorporated this into his guitar lessons offering any students of his huge value.

With so much experience under his belt, Andrew is able to pin point obstacles in technique and practice routines to make you a better player. Andrew looks forward to meeting you and showing you just how easy and fun it is to play the guitar.

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