An Ancient Egypt
Killer Crocodiles Initiation

Little Nut Chronicles - Chronicle 2

In ancient Egypt there was a particular ritual. One could call it an Initiation. The high priestess or the high priest required their acolytes or students to perform a task involving killer crocodiles.

These acolytes had to walk down some carved stone steps that descended into a dark tunnel of water. They had to swim down and then emerge in a large cistern of water, or mini lake. Above them they could see the surface of the water from the sunlight filtering through.

Ancient Egypt Nile Crocodile Hunter – Not!

Most acolytes would experience emotions ranging from mild surprise to catatonic shock! Above them they would see giant crocodiles swimming on the surface. Not a crocodile hunter among them!

The stupid or the daring would swim up. Most would end up as a tasty morsel for a man eating crocodile. This was not a puny saltwater crocodile but a large Nile crocodile.

The smart ones would find that there was an escape route. In the darkness at the bottom of the cistern, on the other side, there was a deeper darker tunnel. If they swam down into this darkness, they would find a tunnel that curved up into the light, some carved stone steps and freedom.

Life in Ancient Egypt

This little story of life in Egypt is important to your life journey. There is value to be gained in facing up to the largest crocodile. The more elegant experience is about your willingness. Your willingness to explore what is hidden, to boldly go where most dare not go, but where fools dare to tread…

From Drama in Egypt to
Modern Movie Magic

Some of the movies that show this Hero's journey of facing killer crocodiles and exploring your inner self are: The Holy Man, Revolver, Overboard and Whale Rider. Watch and enjoy them with this new perspective.

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