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Welcome to the adventure stories page, an evolving resource library of stories and movies that can initiate more fun, wisdom and learning in your life.

Do you have a few favourite stories and movies? And as you remember them right now, is there a little smile playing across you lips as the scenes and pictures flash through your mind? I thought so.

Once upon a time far, far away, you heard or saw your first few favourite stories. You know the ones I am talking about, the dog-eared and battered books and the scratched and chipped DVDs. Books and DVDs that ended up looking like veteran gladiators of the Roman Empire.

These stories and movies are so filled with your love and excitement that they have a life of their own. There were other stories, but these childhood stories and movies were yours.

Adventure Learning

The Impact of Movies and
Modern Parables on Your Life

  • To what extent have childhood stories or movies shaped your life?
  • How many times have you imagined yourself as the lead character?
  • Would you like to become a swash-buckling pirate, a glorious empress or embark on a grand adventure?

Online Stories of Adventure

The adventure stories on this page are here to inspire you to grow, to laugh and to learn. Inspiration may descend and encourage you to contribute some stories of your own. There are little pockets of magic in all of them. They are our gift to you, oh happy finder. May they assist you to turn your entire life into an adventure that is even better than a happily ever after.

Simply Love
The Adventure Learning Story Tellers

Online Stories on the Royal Road
to Adventure and Wisdom

The tale of embracing the Royal Road of Life

Would you like to expand your awareness and Empty Your Cup

The impact of a life changing story

A story about being inspired to live my dream

Childlike simplicity is the key to happiness

A true Story of magic and love

A story about freedom from the dark prison with three walls

Great Animal Stories

The Power of Allegory

The Monkeys and the Sorcerer: a story about freedom

Lazy Robin Red Breast: a tale of hidden agendas

The Shaman’s Allegory of the Two Wolves

Lessons in synergy from the Wild Geese

Life’s Modern Parables

The Naked Beauty: a tale of right and wrong

The Hot Dog Stand Parable: no advice is good advice

The Two Types of Accountants and Human Beings

The foolish tale of Do You Love Me?

Classic Short Stories and Myths

How Cupid, God of Love, fooled humanity

The Enlightenment of Two Medieval Monks

Socrates and the Happy Traveler to Athens

The Young Disciple chasing the Sisters Wealth and Wisdom

An introduction to the Power of Mythology

The Myth of Pegasus

The Myth of Pegasus continued

Adventure Learning

For books that will assist you along your pathway to freedom check out Tropic of Freedom Books. Here you will find book reviews and questions to ponder along the adventure that is life.

Enter the Magic Theatre...

Adventure Learning

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Adventure Learning

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