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Adventure Stories Submission

We Would Love to Hear
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Adventure Stories

Adventure Stories Submission is an invitation page. We invite you to submit one of your own adventure stories, service magic stories, fantasy stories, or tales of mystery and imagination. We would love to hear your own personal learning adventure stories on living the simple life.

When you submit one of your adventure stories you have three options. The first option is that you would like to share a story as a pay-it-forward mentor. The second option is where you would like to exhibit your story as a work of art. The third option is you would like to use the story to market yourself and your business.

Adventure Stories Submission

Option 1

Pay It Forward Mentor
Living the Simple Life

One of the most powerful mentoring tools is the ability to retell your own stories of growth and experience. The incredible power of our personal stories plays out in how people are able to relate to the lesson. Secondly personal stories are valuable because people can apply them to their own experiences. As Anthony Hopkins says in the movie, ‘The Edge’:

‘What one man can do another can do!’

The other side of stories, whether personal or fictional, is that it engages the imagination and people enjoy unraveling the allegories and hidden meanings of stories. This means the person hearing the story remembers the lesson with greater clarity and depth. Pay it forward with adventure stories by teaching, mentoring and sharing on living the Simple Life by going to Simple Life Mentor Application.

Option 2

Creative Labs Exhibitionists
Showcase your Art

Another option available is to use your magic pen or keyboard to submit fiction or fact in the Creative Labs section of the Simple Life, i.e. Inspirational stories of mystical experiences; tales of mystery and imagination; fantasy stories of heroes of might and magic; mythology stories of mythological gods; mythology in everyday life, the strange magic of the dark night of the soul.

You might not want to use it for overt teaching, but rather let the story speak for itself. Like Herman Hesse or Carlos Castaneda you may choose to let the story, as work of literary art, do the teaching. Go to Creative Labs Exhibitionists Application

Option 3

Marketing and Promotion
Service Master

The third option is to use adventure stories submission to perform service magic with a powerful success tale from your lifework practice. In our time as health and wellness practitioners we have seen many miracles happen in our practices. You may wish to share such a tale of inspiration, hope or miracle healing to market your own practice or business at Service Master Application.

Adventure Stories Submission

Where to from Here?

What is the procedure? Decide which option [1] [2] [3] suites you. Click through to the relevant page and follow the simple process of application and submission. Always remember keywords are very important when publishing in cyberspace. If we feel your story has relevance we will include it in our Adventure Newsletter. We are always looking for great stories and contributions.

To learn more of the ways in which you can contribute to making our world a more magical place, check out our Pay It Forward program.

Simply Love
the Adventure Learning Wordsmiths

Enter the Magic Theatre...

P.S. Please realise that we will publish the stories / tales / myths at our own discretion. You may find that we only publish them in our Adventure Newsletter ezine or only on the site. We will also let you know where and when they have been published.

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