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Keep your finger on the pulse with Adventure News current events and the world consciousness editorial. Find out what is really going on in the world. Change your attitude by becoming an objective observer with the adventure news.

What is the World coming to and where has it gone? The musing of modern mystics. See our 2011 countdown, read about events in-line with the ending of time and the beginning of a New Order of Freedom in the world.

The Maverick Tools: A pan-galactic review of metaphysics and enchanted learning. Learn about new perceptions and updates in the field of magic and metaphysics. Garner new wisdom and knowledge through ongoing exercises and mini-courses (examples 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) and informative pages from our hot teachers.

How to Meditate: Flex your soul and stretch your mind. Stay up-to-date with changes, exercises and informative pages on meditation. Also find out about our powerfully charged meditation downloads and meditation music.

The Maverick Records: Past, present and future buccaneering escapades and adventure quests. Dream a little dream of freedom and it manifests. Receive reports in our newsletter on past, current and future adventure quest seminars. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a journey of a life-time.

Who’s Who in the Simple Life Zoo: Mentoris Maximus, Artist Domini, Teacher Maverickium Buccaneeris. Keep informed as new mentors and teachers join our maverick family. Don’t miss out on new courses and information in the arts, gardening and cooking from the simple life.

Which Course? That Course. What Course? I want to learn of course! Get with the beat as new courses are added to the site.

Enjoy the Magical Mystery Tour of Creative Works. Watch our growing collection of creative projects ideas from poetry, short-stories, graphic arts and music.

Put on your Buccaneer’s Hat and Get Involved. Find out the process of sending in your own work. Share your expertise and passion with others. See what other people are up to.

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