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Adventure Learning Online Community

Join Our Adventure Learning Online Community’s pure synergy. A community committed to the celebration of Life, Love, Fun and world Adventure quest seminars... Explore our bold Initiatives. Become part of a community of teachers, learners, mentors and buccaneers and benefit from our growing library of resources.

Love and Fortune befriend the Bold!

A pure synergy is usually made up of a group of individuals or an online friends community with unique viewpoints, sharing and contributing their uniqueness to their common purpose, in this instance: Teaching, Mentoring and Sharing. This produces the optimum results for all the individuals involved. A beautiful example of this is the story of the wild geese

We invite you to share your unique views with us in our Adventure Newsletter and send us tales of your own adventures. Follow the evolution of our online community in our Adventure Learning Blog.

Only Love
Our Adventure Learning Online Community

Our Mission

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Adventure Learning

Our Teaching Initiatives

Enchanted Learning - Adventure Learning for Life

Learn How to meditate and breathe

An Adventure Quest of World Programs

Fantasy, life changing, exotic and adventure stories

The Simple Life: Become a teacher or mentor in life and creativity

Our Teachers

Meet our Adventure Learning online community: Teachers, Learners and Mentors who love sharing by paying forward their knowledge and wisdom…

How to become a teacher of life…

WISES and ASES - Our affiliated organizations

Our Fun-da-mental adult learning theory

Harry Gamble

Saadet Banushum

Patrick Desplace

Louis Franco

Erim Sabuncuoglu

Adventure Learning

Our Mentors

If you would like to share and pay-it-forward then explore our Mentor and Teacher forums. Share your knowledge about Life and the Arts: Explore, mentor and showcase your creativity in ideas, stories, writing, poetry, music, visual arts, performing arts, gardening, cooking, mechanics, technology, and living Life…

The ways to mentor and benefit from mentoring are…

The attitude of a mentor or teacher

Meet the Mentors in the Mentor Network

Become an Art Mentor

Become a Mentor of Living the Simple Life

Mentor by exhibiting your Art

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We Pay it Forward by Sharing

On the road to sharing

Sharing the simple life: Pay it forward

Our Pay it forward Initiatives

Market yourself as a Service Master

Online and World Adventures

If you are interested in Adventure Learning, then have a look at our various online courses, our online stories, online learning programs and online masters programs. Our favourite is our overseas adventure travel program: Embark on a Planet Quest…

Online Adventure Learning Initiatives

Benefits of Being part of the Adventure Learning Online Community

Enter and master the Zone…

Planet Quest Adventure Learning Initiatives

An Adventure Quest – Embark on a planet quest…

Group Dream Journeys

Travel Diary of Dreams

Our gallery of Adventure Learning Initiatives

Part of our philosophy: The Now Ten Commandments

Adventure Learning

Our Adventure Stories

Three Teaching and Learning Online Stories

My First Teacher

A Life Changing Story

Expand Your Awareness

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Enter the Magic Theatre...

Become a Traveller: Take the Royal Road Adventure…

Our Mission

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