Adult Learning Theory

Paradigms for the Now Age

The fundamental Adult Learning Theory of WDHR and ASES is to make it possible for each individual to reveal and live their unique gifts. Each individual has a unique learning path with unimaginable potential. The traveling teachers of ASES and WDHR provide tools to assist individuals along this amazing personal journey. It is said that:

“Sculptors look at a block of granite and allow the block of granite
to reveal to the artist what it yearns to become...”

Famous sculptors have revealed that their best work was attained when they were able to contemplate a block of granite or marble until a structure would “jump” at them. It is as if the raw material forms a synergy with the artist, letting the latter know what it is destined for, or aspires to become. Teachers and Mentors from WISES and ASES also look at their raw material; the world of life and the individuals living life, allowing a structure to appear and then chisel out whatever hinders a complete metamorphosis from taking place gracefully and elegantly.

Adult Learning Theory

The Power of Love beyond Learning Theories

Like famous sculptors, that is what the traveling teachers do – they see you, not your patterns, your worries, your fears, not your masks. They see you; the amazing individual that you are and they make it possible for the excess, that which does not belong with you, to fall away.

"In times of change… Learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists"

By Erik Hoffer

They tell you right from the start that all they can do is give you the minimal chance: The minimal chance to glimpse your power; the power of love; who you really are; and that you are the only one who can claim your power and your love. The teacher ‘Tools for the Now Age’ make this possible for learners and students – becoming, becoming their destiny.

Adult Learning Theory

Tools for the Now Age

The ontologies and philosophy of adult learning theory is undergoing major changes. This is a sign of the times as the countdown of the Now Age unfolds to an end point called ‘No Time’ by the ancient sages. Our teachers offer tools to, not only keep current with the times but to be ahead of changes.

Take the Leap beyond the Now Age…

Take the leap and explore your Self and Gaia Earth. Explore long distance learning through our free online learning and world adventures. Experience the ultimate in Adventure Learning interactions with traveling Teachers on a Mission

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Adult Learning Theory Tools

The tools offered by the traveling teachers of ASES and WDHR are:

Free Online Long Distance Learning

Free Online Learning Seminars

Free Online Mini-Courses

Free Online Teaching Stories

Free Online Guided Meditation

Free How to Meditate Courses and Tips

Online Long Distance Learning

Online Life Mastery Seminars

Online Motivation and Learning Seminars

Online Metaphysics Seminars

Advanced How to Meditate Courses

Online Masters Programs

Masters Degree and Online Degrees in Metaphysics

Online Degrees in Metaphysics

Masters Degree Online in Metaphysics

Planet Quest Long Distance Learning

World Adventures at Global Resorts

Overseas Adventure Travel Seminars

Around the World Advanced Seminars

Make-a-Wish World Ventures

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