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In the Zone

The greatest artistic creations, sporting achievements, literary masterpieces, business successes and magical moments are ‘In the Zone’.

What is the Zone? Where and when is the Zone? How can You Be ‘In the Zone’?

Join us for a fun journey of discovery in 5 sessions in CyberSpace.

In the movie Peaceful Warrior the young Dan Millman enters a kind of a ‘Zone’ where he is Super-Present and Super-Aware, there is no fear.

You have entered this Zone many times (often you do not remember!!!)

different things happen: the event unfolds in slow motion; sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are enhanced, mostly you act effortlessly, you don’t miss a thing,

even if the event was triggered by fear or a challenging situation, when you move into the Zone, there is No Fear.

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This week 4 August 2013


Imagine (a world of wonder), you the creator

Presented by Francisca al-Halaseh

Albert Einstein  said "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."


What is imagination?

Can it serve you on the continuation of your healing journey to full empowerment and freedom?

Now is the  time to spark your Imagination and journey into your Heart.

Let our Imagination break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, so we can create and constantly progress. Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make


Love  Fran

Francisca al-Halaseh

Join us for this Encounters 2013 free session

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Sessions are approximately one hour so arrive 10mins early

(Times may vary due to daylight saving)…

Its kind of fun to do the impossible!

Walt Disney


You may invite friends to join you by forwarding link to them...

Listen to your Heart…
Walk the Royal Road...
Cross the Bridge...
Enter the Field...
A Soul Journey



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Past Encounters 2013

Only Magic is Real... 

It is said that:      
"Magic Directs the Illusion at Will..."
What is Magic?  

What or which Will?

How can you become the Magical Being you once were?

It is our nature to be Magical Beings.  Our Magic has been severely limited, constrained, hidden and subdued by Us.  Our Magic has been robbed from us by our choices. When we let the Magic loose into our lives we discover and enter a World beyond our Expectations... 


Past Encounters 2013

Simply Magical

We are all Magical Beings.
I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you
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Past Encounters 2013
The Art of Growing Younger

How far through the Labyrinth do you dare venture. Is your soul courageous enough to undertake an unequivocal dive into unthinkable reaches of knowingness, wisdom and perception?  Or do you simply suffer from the dreaded and lethal disease of ADS (Adventure Deficiency Syndrome)? 

When you were little, you sensed that your elders were at best “Well Meaning Idiots” at worst sold out to a conspiracy to ensure you would settle for being “One of Them” and be “Useful, Serviceable and Disposable”! You knew the illusion they called reality to be a rather doubtful, forbidding and dreadful option to settle for. You were prompted to “Be Real and well Adjusted and all your Needs, as decided by your elders will be taken care of”. Some of you rebelled but you were too little and simply did not know how to go into Battle! You felt you were an alien in the world of your educators. Actually it was they who were aliens in a world and a time zone that belonged to you. They were the “Invaders and Intruders”.

Guess what!
Yes you guessed right: Now “You Are The Intruder /Invader”! and you will continue to be so until you choose to: “Grow Young” by Growing Up instead of growing older like every one else!

Past Encounters 2012

MiaMi - An Introduction 3 

The Mystery of Intuition and the Magic of Imagination
The Magic of Intuition and the Mystery of Imagination

Are you willing to see and have access to unlimited options that you are not aware of? Are you willing to explore the unknown and set into motion something beyond anything that you have experienced before? Something that is “Bigger than you”? Do you dare do just that? Step into this unknown, where your soul is clamoring for you to go? Do you dare step into your bliss? Do you dare step beyond by doing what it takes to become more than you can begin to imagine?

A Curse on Money 2

There is a Curse on Money and Abundance! Money is Energy in the Illusion and it is easy to manifest in abundance. According to the Natural Laws energy flows to Power and empowered people. But there are no privileges without accountability and humility is essential for swift access to Power, Wealth and Abundance!

Your world strives to convince you that anything worth having is worth struggling and fighting for. Revise your attitudes and paradigms to manifest Abundance elegantly. Your attitudes and beliefs are powerful magnets that either attract or repel an abundance of energy. Put your metaphysics into action through an unfair advantage built on a foundation of a revision of paradigms.

Do you know people who seem to have it all by simply being who they are? They have an unfair advantage that acts as a powerful magnetic force field that attracts abundance naturally. Create Magnetic Force Fields to attract an abundance of energy of your Choice into your life!


The Changes are Changing 1

Advanced Pure and Applied Metaphysics

The Changes are changing and Evolution is evolving. The world has been splitting into 2 groups for a while - those that are getting on with it and those that are winding their necks in and digging their heels in. Much of the work needed in consciousness has been done in the last 3-5 decades! This does not have to be repeated as the Cosmic is not Wasteful. The old ways are redundant. Through the clear light of the Heart and Truth can we see through the madness, long enough to understand that no thing is what it appears to be.
Now you have the gift and the opportunity to revise everything you think you know... Be more creative, teach and share in as many new ways as possible...

Join us for this free session (approx 1hour so arrive 10mins early) at the following times
Saturday September 8th
UK8.15am/RSA9.15am/Moscow11.15am/Perth3.15pm/Sydney5.15pm/USACentral1.15am/Sep7thFri Hawaii9.15pm/USACalif11.15pm

Equinox / Solstice Energy 1

Pure and Applied Metaphysics

The Ancients in the Time of Lemuria were not only aware of but consciously used the powerful Solar and Cosmic forces available at the time of Equinox/Solstice to have an effect in their personal lives and in their world: A time of setting something in motion, something Magical and Mysterious…
Join us for a 2 morning Virtual Internet Encounter to discover the power of Equinox and Solstice energy Now!

Encounters 2013-20

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