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1. Editorial

2. Introducing a Site of Mastery

3. Planting Little Nuts

4. Meditate On It to Freedom

5. Creating Your Own Site for Little Nuts

6. Events and Gifts

7. Adventure Learning Service Magic

Hello Adventurers

It has, indeed, been many moons since our last communication. Some of us have been on an adventure quest around the world. Some of us have been planting and nurturing little nuts. The little nuts are getting ready to sprout and become little nut trees. What have you been becoming?

In this issue of Adventure News we introduce our new mastery site:;

Along with the Little Nut Chronicles;

And has gone Youtube, as well as offering two new meditation mp3 downloads.

We have been up-to-no-good and here are the results, enjoy.

Simply Love
the Adventure Learning Nuts

Introducing A Site of Mastery

Introducing the new family member: This is a site full of adventure learning sign-posts on the pathway to freedom. You will find up-and-coming world courses, as well as exercises and instruction for discovering happiness. Not to mention the Little Nut Chronicles. What are The Little Nut Chronicles you ask?

‘The Little Nut Chronicles’ are a series of modern parables, classic short stories and fun tales in video form.

Here are the links to the first four chronicles:
The Royal Road
The Watermelons
The Crocodile Initiation
Are You Caring For, or Taking Care of

Be warned, you may enjoy them, be inspired by them and turn into a little nut yourself.

Meditate on it to Freedom

Two new meditation mp3 downloads are now available on

The Crystal Meditation

The Crystal Meditation is a highly effective meditation for replenishing lost energy and life force. Reclaiming this lost energy is made possible by entering the soul world, a place abundant with limitless reserves of energy. During your day-to-day interactions with people and the world at large you tend to lose your life force thanks to outdated paradigms and ways of being.

To get your own copy click here

The Fears in the Forest Meditation

Overcoming fear is indeed challenging for many people in the world. The Fears in the forest meditation makes it possible for you to confront and transmute monsters, fears, failures and doubts - Some of the biggest stumbling blocks on your path to being a centred and focused human being.

See this page for more details

Create Your Own Site for Little Nuts

Do you want to create your own super site? Adventure Learning Initiatives comes clean on their site-building secret weapon.

Site Build It!

Events and Gifts

Bee Natural is a delicious Raw Honey that has been extracted from the Honeycomb of bees living in a natural farm environment. The honey is simply spun from the honeycomb using centrifugal force and is not heated or processed afterwards, which causes honey to lose a lot of its natural goodness.

Did you know? Many people think that just because honey is "natural", any kind of honey is healthy and fine to use. Unfortunately, most of the honey eaten today has been heavily processed, so many of the health benefits have been eliminated. Raw Honey is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial, and can be used for many natural home remedies. When choosing a good honey, go raw or go home…

There is a Honey Gift Pack on offer which is an unusual and healthy alternative for birthdays/get-well/thankyou gifts.

For more information or to place orders contact Verena

An Invitation:

Close Encounters of the Gentle Kind...

'In the space between two people a teaching takes place.'

Once a month we get together with friends and fellow teachers. In the space between, whilst we are interacting with each other, an amazing amount of teaching and healing takes place.

The next get-together is Saturday evening 19th September from 6.30 to 10.00pm

For more details download the pdf

Contribution: R50.00 for light dinner/tea/coffee.
Please bring your own drinks.

If you know of anyone who has heard the call and would benefit from these encounters please put their name and contact details forward...

The Quickening

An adventure program requiring unbending intent on freedom by Louis Franco

The Mastery of the Interpretation of Objective Reality

A subtle metaphysical program for those committed to their evolution by Louis Franco

Being Here the Art of Becoming

Being Here, right Now is the only thing we as human beings can be certain of. Being Here is a basic program in accessing the moment with John Gamble and Melissa Neuss

Service Masters
Dare to Share


Service Masters: if you are a practitioner, consultant, mentor or artist see the Service Master page to find out what the process is to market and make your services available through our site.

Artists: publish your works at the Creative Labs. If you would like to publish your works on the web go to Creative Labs exhibitionist Application and submit your work for free showcasing.

Mentors in the field of the Arts: Go to the Creative Project Ideas Application and apply to become a mentor online with Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Mentor in the joys of living the Simple Life: Do you have expertise in cooking, gardening or anything that improves peoples ability to enjoy the simple and yet so important things in life? Then go to the Simple Life Mentor Application page and find out how you can share your knowledge and experience online.

If you would like to run an Advert in Adventure News email for more details.