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‘Allo ‘Allo Adventurer

The moon has waxed full. It is time again for Adventure News. This month’s newsletter will be short and sweet. It is the month of the opening of eggs and the first Equinox of the year has passed. Now is the time and Here is the space to put on your dream hat and ditch what is done and implement that which you desire to be.

I was very fortunate this month to be exposed to some very positive people. Whilst on my meanderings through the world of business and the extraordinary gifts of ordinary life, I came across a number of women and men of great inspiration. These particular individuals are in, what is currently seen as, the worst market in the world – the motoring industry. Now, whilst many of their counterparts are supposedly drowning, these people are positively cruising. Their vision and their sales results are hope-inspiring and refreshing. As I listened to them telling me of their current successes in a supposedly terrible market I recalled the tale of Socrates and the two adventurers on their way to Athens, it is worth a read, even if you think you have read it before. Furthermore, I realized that these people were focusing on their business in a very unique way. They were focusing on “caring for their clients.” Not just taking care of the sale, but caring for the people that had come to them for assistance in buying a car.

For those of you who missed Patrick Desplace’s Johannesburg and Cape Town courses here is an interview with Patrick that was published in Odyssey magazine. Truth be told that is why we have been a little quiet. We have been busy on the courses and going through the process of becoming.

At the risk of sounding a bit like a March Hare (or Easter Bunny), we really are entering the anything goes zone. For those who are opening their hearts and allowing the caring to flow, life is becoming increasingly inspiring, fluid and extraordinary. The ability to shift your world and yourself way beyond your dreams is Now, right on schedule as the Mayans and many others predicted. To do so, however, requires the ability to let go of all that you think you know. This was something that we really focused on along our journey with Patrick.

The time for rain-checks has passed us by; to uncover the infinite possibilities that are now available to us find a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s latest book: “A New Earth.” As “The Secret” blew open the law of attraction, so “A New Earth” gently reveals the power, intensity, inspiration and opportunities for improvisation that are available to us in the space of love, caring and the Now and Here.

From this month you can purchase the full intuitive meditation music downloads produced by our maestro Andrew. You have been able to listen to the samples online for a while now. The full tracks are now available to be downloaded. We have also reduced the cost of our meditation downloads and mediation e-books.

I will end the editorial with a little tale from Eckhart Tolle: A Zen master and a novice were walking together in the mountains. The novice turned to the master and Said: “Master how do I be in the space of Zen?” The master replied: “Can you hear the sound of the waterfall?” The novice replied that he could. “Enter it from there,” the master replied. For a while the novice was able to be in the space of Zen. But after a while he returned to the incessant chattering of his intellect and he said: “Master I am no longer in the space of Zen and I cannot hear the waterfall anymore. There is only silence.” The master kindly replied: “Then enter it from there.”

Simply Love
the Adventure Learning Journos

Meditations Now Available

The first set of meditations are now approved and available for purchase on Meditate on it. Visit the Meditation MP3 page on for more details.

Relaxation Meditation MP3

The Meditate on it Relaxation MP3 is a keystone foundation for any form of meditation. It is for this reason that we are offering you this free guided meditation audio download. Once you have mastered the Relaxation Meditation you are able to enter any meditative state with ease and clarity. Furthermore most people find a new enduring calm and clarity as they realize the Power of Now: "I am Here, it is Now." The Relaxation Meditation is available as a Free Audio Download on

To get your own copy click here

Torture Chamber Meditation MP3

The Torture Chamber Meditation is a powerful process. You discover that the way you have tortured yourself mentally and emotionally has stopped you from living Life - a Life in harmony with your world. This is a powerful healing meditation for developing self-love, tenderness and reclaiming your innocence. The healing energy of the Torture Chamber Meditation will assist you to forgive yourself, thus overcoming guilt and shame and to re-connect with what's important in living life.
The Torture Chamber Meditation MP3 is now available on

See this page for more details

The Free Child Meditation MP3 for Her and Him

The Free Child Meditation for Him and Her is a subtle, simple and powerful healing meditation. This meditation makes it possible for you to reconnect with that part of you that knows what you need to be happy: the Free Inner Child. The key to finding happiness is entering into communication with the Free Child within you. You, the Adult, know how to deal with the the rules of the world, the Do’s and Don’ts of survival and the Free Child knows what is required for you to be happy.
The Free Child Meditation MP3 is now available for purchase on

See this page for more details

The Free Child, Torture Chamber and Relaxation
E-Books and Resources

Along with the Meditation MP3’s you will also be able to purchase an E-book companion and handbook. Each E-book comes complete with the appropriate meditation scripts as well as a wealth of information for healers, meditation guides and self-healing. Each E-book includes metaphysical concepts around healing, energy work and basic metaphysical practices. As well as having a rich bibliography of recommended reading, audio books and movies.

The Meditation E-books are now available for purchase on

The Relaxation Meditation E-book

The Relaxation Meditation E-book comes complete with the relaxation meditation script as well as a very large number of concepts, attitudes and instructions for healing and self healing.

See this page for more details

The Free Child E-book

The Free Child Meditation E-book is a companion resource to the meditation mp3 that is now available for purchase on The E-book serves as a valuable companion for both spiritual healers and meditation guides. As well as being a valuable resource in terms of assisting you in your own Self healing.

See this page for more details

The Torture Chamber Meditation E-book

The Torture Chamber Meditation E-book will be available on within the next fortnight.

Watch this page for more details


You have been able to listen to samples of Andrew's inspiring meditation music for the last few months. Now you can purchase the tracks in full.

See this page for more details

GRACE : Imagine green fields, a rainy sky and slowly but surely the sun starts peeking through the clouds and warming the cool, wet earth.

DIDGERIDREAMS: A homage to the Aboriginal 'Dream Time' and Altjeringa.

ANCESTRAL is a fusion of the Didgeridoo and Tibetan Bells, blended with a smooth ambient synth. This track is a doorway into the realms of deep relaxation and crystal clear perception.

UNNAMED: A harmonic guitar piece that takes you on a journey of inner wonder and love.

INNER CHILD captures the essence of the playful and warm nature of your inner child through gentle, melodic guitar.

SYMPHONY OF DREAMS is inspired by inspiration itself. Break through to new and elegant levels of perception!

the Simple Life

Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far to the Simple Life and Creative Lab Exhibitionists. We will soon be publishing a number of complete works by our inspiring poets and poetesses.

A Newborn is About to Make Her Entrance

Watch this space, a new site is on its way, another member of the Adventure Learning Initiatives family. Meet the new baby in the next edition of Adventure News.


The Next Chapter from Ruby de Vere

As promised here is the next chapter from Ruby de Vere’s wonderful book: “Postcards from Earth.” The book will soon be in print and is going through the final rigors of editing.

To read the next chapter click here

Service Masters
Dare to Share


Service Masters: if you are a practitioner, consultant, mentor or artist see the Service Master page to find out what the process is to market and make your services available through our site.

Artists: publish your works at the Creative Labs. If you would like to publish your works on the web go to Creative Labs exhibitionist Application and submit your work for free showcasing.

Mentors in the field of the Arts: Go to the Creative Project Ideas Application and apply to become a mentor online with Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Mentor in the joys of living the Simple Life: Do you have expertise in cooking, gardening or anything that improves peoples ability to enjoy the simple and yet so important things in life? Then go to the Simple Life Mentor Application page and find out how you can share your knowledge and experience online.

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